Alarm Guardian neutralizes threats and protects data for MacKay CEO Forums in less than 5 minutes.

Mackay CEO Forums strengthens its cybersecurity posture by strategically implementing Alarm Guardian, ProServeIT's managed SIEM, SOAR, and SOC service. With the guidance of ProServeIT's extensive experience and expertise in cybersecurity, MacKay CEO Forums was confident that Alarm Guardian would provide the necessary layers of protection for their organization.

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Problems Solved

Enhancing Cybersecurity Measures
Managing Access Control
Real-time Threat Detection & Response


 Implementation of Alarm Guardian (ProServeIT's managed SOC service)



Customer Challenge: Enhancing Organizational Cybersecurity and Managing Licensing Access

MacKay CEO Forums is a business organization that provides CEOs and business leaders with peer advisory groups and leadership development programs. 

Over the years, MacKay CEO Forums and ProServeIT fostered a strong partnership. As a result, their CFO approached ProServeIT seeking cybersecurity options that would optimally serve their organization. 

MacKay CEO Forums was looking to reorganize their business technologies and find a solution that could better manage their licensing and access rights in a secure manner. They wanted a solution that was consistent and supported. 

The Solution: Implementing Comprehensive Cybersecurity Measures with Alarm Guardian   

Having completed several previous security engagements with MacKay CEO Forums, such as implementing Microsoft Defender for Endpoints, Microsoft 365, MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication), and Single Sign On (SSO), deploying ProServeIT's Alarm Guardian (a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), security orchestration automation and response (SOAR), and security operations centre (SOC) service based on Microsoft Sentinel was a logical extension to their security initiatives. 
The implementation of Alarm Guardian was seen as a natural progression in MacKay CEO Forums’ commitment to safeguarding their digital assets. With ProServeIT's extensive experience and expertise in cybersecurity, they were confident that Alarm Guardian would offer the necessary layers of protection for their organization. 




The Impact: Rapid Threat Response and Strengthened Security Posture with Alarm Guardian 

Alarm Guardian proved to be a game-changer for MacKay CEO Forums’ cybersecurity posture. During a discussion about the next steps with their technology infrastructure, an unexpected event occurred that put Alarm Guardian to the test 

Alarm Guardian's real-time monitoring capabilities detected a potential security threat. Thanks to the comprehensive visibility provided by Alarm Guardian, ProServeIT’s SOC team was able to swiftly contain and neutralize the threat, mitigating any potential damage or data compromise. The incident was fully resolved within an impressive timeframe of about 5 minutes 

This incident served as a powerful demonstration of the effectiveness and reliability of Alarm Guardian. MacKay CEO Forums was able to maintain the security and integrity of their infrastructure, even in the midst of crucial meetings and discussions. 

Project Highlights


Increased Environment Visibility 


Proactive Threat Hunting 


Rapid Response to Threats 

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