By ProServeIT on February 15, 2022

How Leveraging Technology Helps to Keep, Grow and Attract Customers

The brand experience your customers have when they engage with your business is vital to its success. By providing seamless, positive interactions with your customers - from the moment they first contact you to the completion of their customer journey and beyond – will enhance customer loyalty and the likelihood of growing your customer base organically. 

If you are not taking care of your customers, your competitor will! Businesses of all sizes can build stronger relationships with their customers by leveraging the right technology. In this blog, we'll look at brand experience from a technological standpoint through three lenses: how to leverage your technology keeps, grows, and attracts customers. As a result, your customers will have a better brand and customer experience, and your company as a whole will begin to thrive. 

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How Can Technology Improve Brand Experience? 

Businesses must be more aware of how their prospects and customers feel when developing new customer acquisition and retention tactics or pivoting existing ones. More importantly, your brand experience is the result – or the lasting impression – of someone encountering or engaging with your brand in any setting. 

When it comes to technology, one of the areas that isn’t always discussed or considered a responsibility of technology in general is brand experience. However, now that businesses are recognizing the modern landscape and the importance of becoming more technologically advanced, think about how your customers experience your brand from a technological standpoint. Has it been a positive experience from them? Is technology assisting them in their journey? Is it making them more loyal to your brand? All these questions are factors that you should start considering. 


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What is "The Keep, Grow, Attract" Model?

Examine your brand experience through three lenses as you begin to visualize it from a technological perspective: How does your technology 1. Keep, 2. Grow, and 3. Attract customers? 

Ask yourself if your technology stack is designed to: 

🤝 Keep your customers: Is there a way that technology can increases brand loyalty, or improve the results of your customers' businesses? 

📈 Grow your customers: Do you have a cross-sell or up-sell component that enhances the customer journey and helps them understand the value you offer? 

🌟 Attract new customers: Does your technology enable you to truly differentiate yourself from the competition and provide a clear distinction between you and your competitors?  

Check out the video below for more information on these questions, and learn how to get started: 


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Shape Your Brand Experience with a Technology Strategy Framework 

Designing a positive experience that engages a person in a long-term and meaningful relationship with your company should be the goal of your brand experience. The CEOs and executive teams we have worked with have found a brainstorming session helpful and essential to building their Technology Strategy Framework. We designed our Technology Roadmap Lite specifically for CEOs and C-suite executives to assist them in brainstorming the various elements of a Technology Strategy Framework. 

When you book your own Technology Roadmap Lite for CEOs, you'll receive a personalized Technology Strategy Framework for your organization, as well as a ranking for each of the rooms based on your current state. We’ll also provide a list of must-do, should-do, and could-do recommendations to improve your technology framework, and suggested timelines and investment requirements for each recommendation. 

Learn more and contact us today to book your own Technology Roadmap Lite! 

Published by ProServeIT February 15, 2022