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How to Increase your Tech Adoption & ROI? | Training vs. Adoption

As your organization continues to transform and grow, proper training and adoption programs can help drive your business towards success. In many conversations around growth, we don’t often address the importance of training and how it contributes to boosting productivity and teamwork. Investing in your employee’s training and development is the key to sustaining growth and success. It is a lengthy commitment, but the results will favour you at the end of the day.

In this blog, we will cover what training and adoption are and how ProServeIT navigates these services to boost productivity and teamwork. As well, we will discuss how Microsoft Teams is our best strength when it comes to training and adoption. Find out what it means to lead your company towards success below!

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Training vs Adoption - What's the Difference?

ProServeIT Training Services Overview

ProServeIT Adoption Services Overview

How Microsoft Teams can Help you Improve Productivity to Increase ROI

Training vs Adoption - What's the Difference?

The terms “training” and “adoption” have been tossed around in discussions that involve change management projects when introducing new technology. Sometimes, in conversations, training and adoption can be interpreted as a single action, leaving blank faces across the room. It is important to understand that both training and adoption are the key to success when it comes to introducing new technology tools for your organization. Therefore, we are here to clear up some misconceptions around training and adoption so you can fully utilize these terms in your next meeting. So, let’s get to it. What is the difference?

Training is giving an organization and its workforce the knowledge, related to a specific product, and its capabilities, or features, to its workers, users, management staff, etc. In return, training helps your company improve employee development and productivity.

For example, to fully utilize Microsoft Teams, ProServeIT offers different methods of training to effectively deliver meetings and use all the features available in Teams and Microsoft 365. By taking this knowledge, you can apply various features of this platform and bring life to your organization’s day-to-day work activities. This will help your organization to improve your communication and collaboration goals.

Adoption is the next level on your journey. The next step for your organization is to take the learned knowledge and apply it to change the fabric of your organization and the way people work.

When a significant portion of your workforce applies their new knowledge and uses new technology to improve how they do their work, you will see improvements in effectiveness and productivity. The rate of adoption directly impacts your business objectives and shows how effective your company onboards new users.

ProServeIT Training Services Overview

Training can come in different forms depending on your organization’s needs. The key is to identify what gaps you may have within your business and then address the problems throughout your training session. We provide training materials in the form of training presentation decks, video series, and customized materials for those who choose to tailor training experiences that involve their IT environment, their protocols, and their goals. The following is an overview of our training roadmap to help boost productivity and collaboration.


🧗‍♀️ 1. Training Approach: Our process involves identifying end-to-end training needs and, intended business scenarios to provide deliverables, training materials and training delivery methods. The process ensures that your training expectations are gathered, formalized, and met. By directly training your mentors, your organization will be able to effectively train your employees and boost productivity.

⚒️ 2. Training Materials: Based on your training approach, we will provide the required training material that will be used in the delivery of training. These materials are created and reviewed by key stakeholders for completeness and baselined used in our training program. The material can come in the form of a Video Series, Training Decks, Primers, and Quick Reference Guides.

📬 3. Training Delivery: Your trainers will deliver the customized training sessions about the product’s features/functionality, and how to use each to meet your organization’s business objectives.

📈 4. Adoption: With effective training and an understanding of how best to apply the new technology, your adoption rate will improve and create desired results that reach your business’ goals.

ProServeIT Adoption Services Overview

The key to any successful digital transformation is rapid adoption of the process intended to create change. Traditionally, corporate change management was often constrained by not having a set of processes that deliver a “tangible” outcome. Every step taken in the adoption of change should deliver and produce an outcome that you can see, touch, and measure.

We have developed and use a formal adoption process that ensures the end-to-end delivery of changes and more importantly, the continuous improvement of change. Whether you are looking to introduce platforms such as Microsoft Teams, or simply looking to transform your organization with the introduction of new processes, techniques or technologies, our Road to Adoption Methodology provides the steps needed to successfully adopt the intended change. Let us see how “Tangible outcomes” are delivered through each step:

🧠1. Make the Decision: Change is important to every company. It is all about you deciding to take a leap forward, bringing revolutionary digital transformation to your organization, and applying the knowledge learned from training.

🗂️2. Organize the Team: With our ProServeIT engagement team, organize a specific team to introduce the adoption program. Together, we will discuss various business areas that need change. The combined team will be the champions for the change.

📓3. Plan: Change is not easy. By planning each step, your organization can identify problems and develop solutions to help your organization easily adopt digital assets. Our IT Roadmap is a great way to plan your future success.

📅4. Prepare for Implementation: With all the dots connected, your organization is almost ready for implementation. Double checking your plan and communicating with your team ensures success in launching digital innovations.

📍5. Execute and Monitor: Following your launch success, maintaining your assets is important to the success of your digital transformation. Continue to monitor your digital assets in order to maintain and improve your IT environment.

📈6. Continuous Improvement: Success is one thing but going the extra mile pushes your organization to reach its full potential. Don’t just stop at one change, continue to digitally transform your business into something great.

How Microsoft Teams can help you Improve Productivity to Increase ROI

Choosing the right productivity tools that support your employees is the best way to bring about long-term ROI. Success comes with effective collaboration and communication.

Microsoft Teams is your hub for teamwork and collaboration, giving you the platform to manage all your conversations, conference calls, shared documents, and other M365 applications. Teams can be accessible via desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device, making it easier for your organization to tackle on remote work. When talking about productivity, Microsoft Teams is the best application to help your organization digitally transform with innovation.

With our 3-day Modern Workplace Discovery & Assessment Workshop, we will cover best practices around approach and technologies. As discussed in the blog, this workshop will leave you with a concrete deployment plan, timelines, and next actions for your digital transformation. Book a Modern Workplace Discovery Workshop with us today to quickly deploy Microsoft Teams without wasting any resources.

On-Demand Microsoft Teams Webinar Series

Explore new and exciting Microsoft Teams features with our on-demand webinars hosted by our Modern Workplace Solutions Architect, Tony Caporalleti, and other experts. You will be able to see how these key features can bring people together in your shared workspace.


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