Tony Caporaletti
Solutions Architect, ProServeIT

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Tony began his 14 years in the IT industry as an apprentice Network Engineer and it led him down the path to his 9-year career here at ProServeIT. With particular expertise in Active Directory, Exchange, Office 365, and various Unified Communications technologies, like Microsoft Phone System, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft Calling Plan, Tony is passionate about helping customers get the most from their telephony technology! When he's not keeping up with the changes happening in the technology sector, Tony is an avid sports enthusiast, with particular interest in basketball, soccer, and golf.

Webinars by Tony

Microsoft Teams Webinar Series

Microsoft Teams is your ultimate hub for teamwork & collaboration, and provides a powerful and capable application at your fingertips to give you a place for everyone in your organization to create content, discuss projects, store data, and make decisions as a team. Whether you're using the platform today, or thinking of using the platform, this webinar series is your comprehensive guide to Microsoft Teams, covering Collaboration & Communication, Teams Calling, Direct Routing, Governance, Security & Compliance, Training, and Productivity.


Recommended for: IT Decision-Makers 

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Blogs by Tony

Best Practices for Teams Governance, Security and Compliance