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Cybersecurity Framework Webinar Series

Identity, Applications, Data, Inboxes, and Endpoints all play an important role in your organization's overall cybersecurity posture (or, as we like to call it, your Cybersecurity Framework). In this six-part webinar series, we'll walk through each of these key components of your Cybersecurity Framework to help you get a better overall picture of how your organization stacks up & what you can do to improve your security posture.

    time  30 min      tarjetRecommended Audience: IT Decision-Makers

Email communication is the most common method of business communication. It's also the most common avenue for a threat actor to attack your organization's IT environment. So, the question must be asked… how do you protect your inboxes from bad apples, ransomware, and/or malicious codes? How can you avoid phishing scams and guard your mailboxes from hackers?

In this fourth webinar in our Cybersecurity Framework series, we dive into tips and tricks around the fourth key pillar of our Cybersecurity Framework - protecting your Inboxes & preventing Phishing attacks. We'll discuss how to secure your inboxes to protect against threats like ransomware, malware, phishing, or other nefarious activities, and explore the benefits of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and other tools to better protect your security posture.


When: Thursday, January 27th, 2022 @ 2pm ET

Recommended Audience: IT Decision-Makers




George Abou-Samra 
Principal Consultant and the Security Practice Lead

Cybersecurity Webinar Series

How to protect your endpoints

How To Protect Your Endpoints

Artboard 8_14 March 30th, 2022 @ 2pm ET

How do you make sure corporate data isn't residing on personal devices in the event that the device is lost or stolen, or the employee leaves the company? In this webinar, we discuss the fifth key pillar of ProServeIT's Cybersecurity Framework - protecting your endpoints - and discusses how tools like Microsoft Intune can help you to manage your mobile environment, especially as this pertains to BYOD.


how to protect your overall security posture

How To Protect Your Overall Security Posture

Artboard 8_14 May 25th, 2022 @ 2pm ET

How do you protect your overall security posture and ensure that cybersecurity is the foundation of your organization? In this final webinar of our Cybersecurity Framework series, we'll explore cybersecurity from a holistic perspective & dive into Azure Sentinel, a powerful tool that utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to collect, detect, investigate, and respond to incidents in real-time.

security webinar 1

How To Protect Your Identity

On-Demand Webinar

Whether it's using world events that tug at the heartstrings, exploiting social media, taking advantage of deprecated equipment, buying compromised data, or other nefarious avenues, these threat actors are constantly attacking your environment, looking for a way to get that personally identifiable information.


How To Protect Your Applications

Artboard 8_14 On-Demand

In this second webinar of our Cybersecurity Framework series, we'll dive into the features & functionality of Microsoft Cloud App Security: a tool that can help you eliminate your concerns over unauthorized access to corporate data, provide insights into possible data leakage points and other security risks, and help you to set, monitor, and revise policies within your organization.

how to protect your data- screen

How To Protect Your Data

Artboard 8_14 On-Demand

Join ProServeIT for our third webinar in our Cybersecurity Framework series, as we look at how you can protect your corporate data and information, and preventing your users from inadvertently or inappropriately sharing it.