Utilize Your Technology for a Critical Business Advantage  

Before you endeavor to build a house, you need to ensure that you have everything in place. Your technology projects are no different. They require plans, resources, and hardware that fit your organization's vision and needs. This is where IT Roadmap comes in.   

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With an IT Roadmap, you ensure that you set your business up for long-term success by reviewing how your current IT environment is set up and whether or not it can support your desired business state. Aligning your business goals and IT capabilities is akin to having all your ducks in a row for building your "house" - and organizations that tap into this are setting themselves up for a critical business advantage.  


What's Involved in the IT Roadmap Engagement?

ProServeIT's IT Roadmap is done in four phases: 

phase 1

Phase 1. Interviews 

ProServeIT will conduct extensive, one-on-one interviews with key business stakeholders, to determine the needs of the business.  

phase 2

Phase 2. Audit 

ProServeIT will complete an audit of your current IT plan, your IT environment, and your current technical capabilities. 

phase 3

Phase 3. Gap Analysis 

Utilizing the findings from phases 1 and 2, ProServeIT will perform a gap analysis, to determine if and where there is any misalignment. 

phase 4

Phase 4. IT Roadmap 

ProServeIT will present our findings, along with a list of recommendations to help you close the gaps that were identified.  

Benefits of an IT Roadmap


Gain a clear picture of all of your IT capabilities & how they align with your business goals to support your unique objectives.


Increase productivity by implementing the right technology, when you need it, where you need it. 

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Save costs by removing inefficient or duplicate software from your IT environment. 


Avoid significant system failures by understanding the assets currently straining your IT resources & resolve priority conflicts as they appear.  

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Address current IT issues to avoid significant potential system failures. 


Improve IT security to proactively protect your business-critical data. 


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Technology/IT Roadmap Sample

Back in March of 2020, when COVID-19 reared its ugly head across the globe, many organizations had to act fast and ensure their employees could work from home productively. The organizations that were able to do so as efficiently as possible with minimal stress were the organizations who knew their IT capabilities could support a fully remote environment. Their immediate business goals (continue working as close to "business as usual" as possible) were, in many cases, supported by their IT capabilities.  

An IT Roadmap will give you insight into how your business goals and objectives line up with your IT capabilities so that you can be agile by ensuring  your IT is a critical business asset (not a liability). 

This short video walks you through a sample IT Roadmap report. 



Who is the IT Roadmap For?

ProServeIT's IT Roadmap is for business leaders who: 
  • Want to understand how to leverage IT as a critical business advantage, and bring their IT capabilities into alignment with their business goals and objectives.

  • Have experienced IT issues and/or significant system failures, and would like to understand how to mitigate them.

  • Need to upgrade their hardware or software.

  • Have undergone significant changes in the recent past, such as mergers, expansions, or acquisitions. 

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Get Started on Your IT Roadmap Assessment

IT Roadmap Customer Story

Utilized an IT Roadmap to define the gap between their business needs and their IT capabilities. 


business Pharmaceutical    user 50 employees

ProServeIT outlined a strategic IT Roadmap that included a series of specific recommendations for their organization. This helped to improve their IT infrastructure, cybersecurity, and team collaboration.

The IT Roadmap identified the gaps that the company was experiencing both from a process and technology standpoint and delivered a list of recommendations, organized by priority. By implementing the recommendations, the company was able to increase stability of their business.