By ProServeIT on March 09, 2022

Advica Health Success Story: Strategic IT Roadmap Grows Business

A Strategic IT Roadmap is an essential piece of any businesses puzzle. It provides a plan and guidance on how technologies can be leveraged to achieve specific business objectives. Without an IT Roadmap, it's easy for departments to duplicate efforts or purchase unnecessary technologies that don't align with the company's overall goals. In this blog, we'll talk about how Advica Health used a Strategic IT Roadmap to make key decisions that helped them grow their business while remaining compliant with industry regulations. 

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Understanding Advica’s Business Technology Challenges

As a one-of-a-kind healthcare navigation system, Advica is subject to strict security and compliance regulations. As they were expanding their business, they encountered a few roadblocks with their navigation system, which they realized would limit their growth from a security and compliance standpoint. Their navigation system, which they used to manage their members, was compromised, with numerous duplications that necessitated a significant amount of manual effort. They had reached a point in their business growth where they needed guidance to be a little more rigorous with their security and compliance, adherence to regulations, and with making strategic decisions. 

Developing a Strategic IT Roadmap 

To help them address these challenges, ProServeIT developed a Strategic IT Roadmap for Advica. The roadmap served as a springboard for them to make educated technology decisions and assess their long-term technology strategies. It helped identify growth components and determined how to leverage technology to accelerate growth. With this guidance, they were able to move forward with confidence knowing that their technology investments were in line with their business objectives. 

ProServeIT provided advice on which technology assets Advica should focus their energy and attention on: such as upgrading their compromised navigation system and moving some of their workloads into the cloud. They also worked closely with Advica’s management team ensuring that all stakeholders had input and were aware of upcoming changes. The result was a more streamlined and efficient business operation, with an improved security posture that helped them achieve their goal of expanding into new markets. 

The Strategic IT Roadmap also helped Advica in other key areas of their business. In particular, the roadmap enabled them to: 

🖥️ Invest in the necessary technologies 

📈 Accelerate growth by leveraging technology 

👨‍💻 Differentiate themselves from competitors with innovative solutions 

👍 Improve customer experience with optimized workflows and systems  

Advica recognized how technology can be a differentiator and an enabler in their business growth. They were able to gain an understanding of which technology assets they should focus their energy and attention on, making sure that all investments were made with strategic objectives in mind. Having a roadmap also enabled Advica to be more rigorous with their security and compliance posture as well as better manage change. 


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Develop Your Own Strategic Technology Roadmap – Begin with a Technology Strategy Framework!

The Strategic IT Roadmap is a living document that provides guidance on how technology can be leveraged to support specific business objectives. It includes an inventory of current technologies, as well as recommendations on which technologies should be implemented or retired. The roadmap also includes a schedule for technology upgrades and replacements, ensuring that the business is always using the most up-to-date technologies.  

CEOs and executive teams we have worked with have found a brainstorming session helpful and essential to building their Technology Strategy Framework. We designed our Technology Roadmap Lite specifically for CEOs and C-suite executives to assist them in brainstorming the various elements involved.   

Book your own Technology Roadmap Lite for CEOs, you'll receive a personalized Technology Strategy Framework for your organization, as well as a ranking for each of the “rooms” in your technology “house” based on your current state. We’ll also provide a list of must-do, should-do, and could-do recommendations to improve your technology framework, and suggest timelines and investment requirements for each recommendation.   

Learn more and contact us today to book your own Technology Roadmap Lite!  



Published by ProServeIT March 9, 2022