By Stephanie Baskerville on March 14, 2019

7 Key Benefits of a Technology Roadmap


Does your organization have a technology roadmap? Are you focusing on your IT strategy in a way that will help you to push your business forward?

A number of organizations don’t seem to understand the importance of mapping out what technology they’re currently using, and what technology they will need in the future. But a technology roadmap is something that every organization should have – it helps you understand what your current IT infrastructure can handle and whether it is capable of supporting your business goals and objectives.

In this blog, we’ll talk about the benefits of having a technology roadmap for your organization, and how mapping out your options can give you a clear idea of where and how to start.


What is a Technology Roadmap?

A technology roadmap helps you deliver a long-term IT strategy which helps to change your organization’s IT infrastructure and applications, based on what you need for your business – not just for today, but for the future, too. It is a governing document that helps you to understand how technology will support your business strategy, documenting the strategic direction that you want your business to go in and making sure that the technology you have in place is capable of supporting those business goals.

A good technology roadmap has several functions, such as:

  • Assessing the skills and capabilities of your IT staff

  • Building a customized, prioritized list of initiatives and projects you need to undertake in order to ensure that your IT infrastructure can support your business goals

  • Auditing your IT infrastructure and application layers to best practices and industry standards

  • Building a gap analysis between your business’s strategic needs and the current state of your IT infrastructure and application layers

  • Understanding the estimated costs and duration for each of the projects being proposed

  • Securing executive sponsorship for your technology roadmap


Top 4 Functions of a Technology Roadmap

There are four primary functions of a technology roadmap

There are four primary functions of a technology roadmap:

1. A technology roadmap is designed to help get your organization’s executives and IT professionals on the same page.

2. A technology roadmap helps your IT leaders to facilitate a discussion around investing in technology and hold value-based conversations to help executives see that, by spending time and money to upgrade the organization’s technology layer, you can be in a better position to reach your overall business goals and objectives.

3. A technology roadmap can be used by your IT department to plan out technology infrastructure improvements that will help anticipate resourcing needs, plan assignments, choose the right solutions and vendors (if needed), and understand the costs that are needed.

4. A technology roadmap helps functional leaders to clearly understand what current projects are being worked on, so they can know what’s being delivered and when. It also helps these functional leaders be strategic when requesting new technology or asking for improvements to current infrastructure.


7 Key Benefits of a Technology Roadmap

Engaging in a technology roadmap can provide your organization with seven key benefits:



1. You’ll have a clear picture of your IT infrastructure capabilities and how they align with your business goals.





2. You’ll address any current IT issues.





3. You’ll save costs by removing the unnecessary and inefficient applications and technology.





4. You’ll increase productivity by implementing the right technology that meets your needs.




5. You’ll improve your IT security.





6. You’ll avoid significant system failures by learning of any weaknesses within your IT infrastructure.





7. You'll resolve any conflicts around priorities.



In addition to this, a technology roadmap can also help your IT leadership be more strategic when making investment decisions or managing technology projects, and be better prepared for discussions with other leadership when they request new projects or initiatives – with the technology roadmap as a guide, your IT leadership will be able to show other members of your leadership team what upgrades or projects are a priority, and where their requests might fit in to the schedule.

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Invest in a Technology Roadmap Today

There is no doubt that technology is a critical business tool in this day and age – organizations need technology to be able to thrive. But, it’s absolutely essential that technology is deployed correctly, and, more specifically, with a plan for the future, or you risk losing any competitive advantage that it might have otherwise given you.

If your business and technology leadership teams are having trouble seeing eye-to-eye, or if you feel that your current technology infrastructure might be holding your organization back from reaching your goals and objectives, it may be time to invest in a technology roadmap, like ProServeIT’s IT Roadmap. By doing so, we can show you how to make your technology work harder and smarter for you. Contact us today to begin your own customized technology roadmap!

Published by Stephanie Baskerville March 14, 2019