Managed IT Security You Can Trust

Discussions on the threat of cybersecurity have moved from IT desks to the highest levels of the boardroom. Modern cyberattacks are evolving, using increasingly legitimate IT tools rather than rudimentary malware. Your business IT security should, therefore, be of paramount importance.

Traditional IT security tools provide very limited protection if user credentials are stolen. Business IT security must be preventative – using the latest tools and software to constantly analyze, learn, and monitor your IT environment and the behaviour of users.

Managed Security Deliverables & Benefits

What You Get From A Managed IT Security Plan

  • Complimentary Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics solution sizing and topology diagram
  • Proactive reporting on intrusion attempts
  • Ongoing dashboards, reporting and notifications
  • Corrective action taken to stop exposures (Optional)
  • Remove compromised identities & systems (Optional)

Benefits Of Managed Business IT Security

  • Detect suspicious activities & malicious attacks in real time
  • Huge value for minimal cost thanks to Office 365 integration
  • Simplified installation approach to increase security posture
  • No need to train internal IT staff for security

Sobering Statistics:
Why Working With A Managed IT Security Team Is Crucial

146 days is the median number of days attackers stay within a network before detection

One in five small and medium businesses are targeted in cybercrime attacks

Compromised credentials make up 63% of all network inclusions

The total cost of cybercrime to the global economy could be as high as $500 billion

What Is Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics?

Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) gives you a comprehensive overview of your network whenever you need it, in a way that is easy to understand. ATA identifies suspicious user and device activity with built-in intelligence and provides relevant threat information through an attack timeline.

ATA leverages deep packet inspection technology, as well as information from additional data sources (such as Security Information, Event Management, and Active Directory), to build an Organizational Security Graph and detect advanced attacks almost instantaneously.


This is a short summary video of our one-hour webinar with a live demo of ATA. The full webinar includes a detailed story of how hackers compromised a non-profit organization’s system and what the consequences were. Click the button above to watch the full webinar.

Your Managed Business IT Security Team

Working with a managed security team to proactively increase visibility and protection against advanced security threats is more important than ever. Drop us a line to have your questions answered and get started.

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