MacKay CEO Forums was looking for a partner to help them make technology investment decisions in order to double their business.

MacKay CEO Forums is a CEO and executive peer group that has over 1000 members across Canada and around the world. They support the development of inspiring leaders by hosting peer learning opportunities for business executives to learn from one another.


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Business Challenge

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Technology investments

They had previously been acquired by a private equity firm, and one of the foundational pieces that they had previously neglected and struggled to invest in was technology.

data recovery
Unsecured data

They ran into a couple of technological issues where their infrastructure and data were not supported or secure. This mandated the rebuilding of their foundational technologies.

Looking for a partnership

They were looking for a partner who could support their technology leader in ensuring that they were investing in the right parts of technology to align with their business growth strategies in order to double their business.


Recognize their state of technology

ProServeIT helped MacKay CEO Forums gain visibility into all aspects of the current technology and validate that they are aligned with current and future technology and business needs.

Actionable IT Roadmap

ProServeIT produced a rolling 36 month action plan for technology that aligned with MacKay's business goals. Their technology vendors are now managed, and their salesforce environment has been upgraded.

vCTO engagement

ProServeIT engages with their CEO and their direct reports on a monthly basis to ensure technology is a well represented component of their business.

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