Advica was looking for a partner who could help them make strategic decisions to support their business growth.

Advica Health is a one-of-a-kind healthcare navigation service that provides members to access an independent assessment to determine the best course of action for their specific health needs and circumstances.


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Business Challenge

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Roadblocks with navigation system

As Advica expanded their business, they encountered a few roadblocks with their navigation system, which they realized would limit their growth from a security and compliance standpoint.

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Manual processes and duplication

Their navigation system, which they used to manage their members, was compromised, with numerous duplications that necessitated a significant amount of manual effort.

Looking for guidance

They had reached a point in their business growth where they needed guidance to be a little more rigorous with their security and compliance, adherence to regulations, and recognition that they are making strategic decisions.


IT Roadmap

ProServeIT developed a strategic IT roadmap to serve as a springboard for them to make educated technology decisions. This enabled them to assess their long-term technology strategies by identifying growth components and determining how to leverage technology to accelerate growth.

Leverage technology

ProServeIT helped Advica in recognizing how technology can be a differentiator and enabler in their business growth and advised them on which technology assets they should focus their energy and attention on. They were able to improve their customer journey by utilizing the appropriate technology.

vCTO engagement 

ProServeIT meets with Advica's COO on a weekly basis and its CEO on a monthly basis to help them evaluate and determine the best course of action for the future. ProServeIT continues to guide them through the appropriate technology questions for their business in order to position them for success as they anticipate growth.

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