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Two Quick Resources To Help With
Your COVID-19 Crisis Management

Remote Work Readiness Checklist

To help you understand your remote work readiness, we've put together this short, 5-minute assessment. Go through this checklist to see if you are ready for remote work. When we receive your answers, we will contact you with your assessment results, along with a list of recommendations.

Take the 5-Minute Assessment >>>

COVID-19 Emergency Kit

Can you and your employees work remotely while staying productive? Here is a COVID-19 Emergency Kit that explains the bare minimum you need to think about and implement right away to reduce the negative impact on your business.

Download COVID-19 Emergency Kit >>>

Remote Work Webinar Series

Remote Work 101

Remote Work 101 Webinar on COVID-19 Preparedness

On Demand Webinar

This Webinar cover the bare minimum essentials that we encourage you to think about and implement sooner than later to effectively set up remote working and stay as productive as possible during this difficult time.

Remote Work 102

Remote Work 102: Ramping Up for Remote Working Scenarios

On Demand Webinar

This follow-up webinar will continue this remote work theme, and will include demos to help your staff understand exactly how a tool like Microsoft Teams can be utilized while working remotely, so that you can stay connected and productive even when you're working from home.

Remote Work 103

Remote Work 103: Windows Virtual Desktop Makes Remote Working Easier

On Demand Webinar

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, organizations across the globe have found themselves in unprecedented times. Many organizations who once relied on on-premise work setups have been left scrambling to find remote working options for their employees.