Alarm Guardian enhances cybersecurity and safeguards digital assets at Toys R Us.

Toys R Us has taken the proactive step of improving their security posture by implementing ProServeIT's Alarm Guardian, a comprehensive security solution that reduces the risk of cyber threats while also protecting their digital assets. With the support of ProServeIT, Toys R Us can confidently focus on providing an exceptional retail experience to their valued customers, knowing that their digital assets are being monitored and well-protected by Alarm Guardian.

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Problems Solved

Securing Main Virtual Machines
Safeguarding Digital Assets
Cyber threat detection


 Implementation of Alarm Guardian (ProServeIT's managed SOC service)

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Customer Challenge: Addressing Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities in Virtual Machines

Toys R Us Canada is a specialty retailer of toys and baby products dedicated to providing unique resources and services that promote child development through play.

To ensure their company’s safety and security from potential cybersecurity threats, Toys R Us deployed multiple virtual machines within Microsoft Azure. They were looking for a managed services solution to provide protection and detection with a focus on their main virtual machines. 

Given their previous positive experience, they turned to ProServeIT and requested assistance with securing their main machines.  

The Solution: Elevating Security through Alarm Guardian Implementation

ProServeIT rolled out Alarm Guardian, a comprehensive security solution encapsulating their SIEM, SOAR, and SOC services, meticulously crafted to detect cyber threats and address them promptly. 

Microsoft Sentinel’s SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) and SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response) technology was implemented for centralized security event monitoring and automated incident response. 

In addition, ProServeIT’s Security Operations Centre (SOC) team provides ongoing support, ensuring continuous monitoring, proactive threat detection, and incident response capabilities. This comprehensive solution aimed to strengthen Toys R Us’ security defenses and enhanced their overall security posture. 


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The Impact: Augmented Security Measures and Improved Operational Efficiency

In partnering with ProServeIT, Toys R Us witnessed a profound enhancement in the management and fortification of their digital assets. The deployment of Alarm Guardian permitted Toys R Us to: 

• Establish a safe IT Environment 
• Significantly decrease cyberthreats from outer sources 
• Properly analyze data to maintain cybersecurity 

Toys R Us was able to increase productivity and efficiency with their virtual machines without having to worry about cyber threats. With their environment protected and managed by Alarm Guardian, Toys R Us is fully supported to keep their technology infrastructure safe and secured.

Project Highlights


Safe and Secure IT Environment


Decreased Number of Cyber Threats


Improved Security Posture

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