Alarm Guardian empowered a beverage manufacturing company to digitally transform their wine business.

A beverage manufacturing company embarked on a remarkable journey to digitally transform their wine business and protect their global operations. Using an effective cybersecurity framework and threat intelligence as part of ProServeIT's managed SOC service, Alarm Guardian, allowed them to confidently exchange information globally while prioritizing the security and reliability of their operations.

 Food & Beverage       >500       Ontario, Canada

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Problems Solved

Lack of Cybersecurity Visibility
Automation and Threat Response
Security Operations Center Support


Upgraded their Alarm Guardian Service from the Defend Tier to the Protect Tier

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Customer Challenge: Bolstering Global Cybersecurity and Reliability

For nearly a century, a beverage manufacturing company has been cultivating the Canadian wine and spirit landscape. As a company that partners with international producers, they seek security and reliability to exchange information across the globe.  

ProServeIT conducted a monthly awareness session and spoke to our customer about how they could bolster their cybersecurity posture and effective incident response strategies. 

During the session they observed gaps regarding the lack of visibility into cybersecurity threats within their technology estate, wanted to leverage automation to respond to said threats, and saw the benefits of having a security operations center (SOC) that could aid and assist where needed. The beverage manufacturing company turned to ProServeIT’s managed SOC service, Alarm Guardian, to address their concerns. 

The Solution: Proactive Cybersecurity Management with Advanced Expertise

Our customer decided to upgrade their Alarm Guardian service (ProServeIT’s security information and event management (SIEM), security orchestration automation and response (SOAR), and SOC service) from the Defend Tier to the Protect tier. This adjustment allowed ProServeIT to monitor additional connectors to help them improve their security posture. This service included:

•  A complimentary Mailbox Guardian assessment report
•  Custom security roadmap
Periodic fine-tuning alerts
Continuous improvement and enhancements as cyber threats become more complex and sophisticated


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The Impact: Strengthened Cybersecurity Posture and Responsive Threat Management

As part of joining ProServeIT’s Alarm Guardian’s Protect offering, our customer receives cybersecurity monitoring, response to cybersecurity threats (automated and human), and continued cybersecurity recommendations. 

The beverage manufacturing company uses Alarm Guardian to:

•  Gain visibility into cybersecurity threats within their digital assets
•  Leverage automation to respond to cyber threats
•  Receive support from a team of cybersecurity experts as needed
•  Receive ongoing cybersecurity recommendations 

This partnership will ensure that our customer will be able to confidently exchange information globally while prioritizing the security and reliability of their operations, further solidifying their position as a trusted leader in the Canadian wine and spirit industry. 

Project Highlights


Increased Environment

Ongoing Cybersecurity

Automated Response to Threats

Risk Assessment and Vulnerability

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