Efficiency soars as Microsoft Teams' capabilities help Agrifoods enhance productivity.

Agrifoods partnered with ProServeIT to tackle communication and scheduling challenges. The transition to Microsoft 365 and Teams integration led to streamlined collaboration, efficient scheduling, and improved remote work capabilities. By overcoming initial hurdles and embracing modern telephony, Agrifoods transformed into a cohesive, agile workspace, enhancing teamwork and productivity across locations.

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Problems Solved

Disjointed Communication Channels
Inefficient Scheduling Processes
Lack of Remote Work Adaptability


Microsoft Teams and Teams Phone

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Customer Challenge: Simplifying Communication and Scheduling for Better Collaboration

Agrifoods Cooperative produces a wide range of premium, on-trend, wholesome foods and beverages available from coast to coast.

Agrifoods has recently collaborated with ProServeIT on several security initiatives and has since decided to pursue a transition to the Microsoft 365 suite for productivity and collaboration services, including Microsoft Teams 

One of the initial challenges was the need for multi-tenant consolidation and the migration of small Google user accounts to Microsoft 365. Additionally, the absence of visible shared calendars among employees made scheduling and team communication cumbersome.

The Solution: Seamless Migration to Microsoft 365 and Teams Integration for Enhanced Efficiency

ProServeIT successfully managed the transition from Google, ensuring that all users were seamlessly integrated into the Microsoft Teams platform. This transition to Microsoft Teams effectively addressed the calendar visibility issues, paving the way for efficient calendar sharing and organization-wide scheduling. 

As part of the migration, Agrifoods also opted to leverage Teams for telephony purposes. ProServeIT facilitated the transition by eliminating outdated hardware devices and implementing Microsoft Teams Phone. 


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The Impact: Elevated Collaboration, Smooth Communication, and Empowered Remote Work

Overall, the transition to Microsoft Teams enabled Agrifoods to fully embrace the potential of Microsoft Teams Phone.   

By consolidating multiple tenants, addressing calendar sharing challenges, and delivering comprehensive user training, ProServeIT facilitated a seamless transition to a unified Teams environment. As a result, Agrifoods experienced improved collaboration, streamlined communication, and enhanced productivity across the organization, while embracing the modern telephony features of Teams to adapt to their changing workplace needs.  

This adaptation enabled Agrifoods to tap into the versatility of modern telephony, facilitating remote work for employees across various locations, especially when not all could be at the office simultaneously. 

Project Highlights


Centralized Hub for Communication


Migrated to a Unified Phone System


Modern Telephony Features

Stay seamlessly connected from any location with Microsoft Teams.

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