The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) boosts call handling efficiency and customer service with Microsoft Teams Phone.

The ROM improves their communication through the strategic implementation of Microsoft Teams Phone, enhancing remote communication and operational flexibility.

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Problems Solved

Communication System Limitations
Remote Work Transition
Enhanced Customer Experience


Microsoft Teams Phone-based



Customer Challenge: Overcoming Communication System Limitations for Enhanced Service Delivery 

Founded in 1914, the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) is located in Toronto, Ontario and is one of the largest museums in North America. The ROM is committed to engaging visitors of all ages through exhibitions, research, and educational programming. 

The ROM was facing several business challenges related to their communication system. The main line had limitations in terms of call queuing and operator/switchboard functionality. Additionally, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the ROM's contact center operations transitioned to remote work, introducing challenges related to remote calling, call forwarding, and restricted voicemail capacity on mobile devices. The necessity for some agents to use their personal devices for call acceptance also limited operations. These challenges impacted the ROM's ability to handle increased call volumes and provide optimal customer service. 

The Solution: Migrating to a Cloud-based Unified Communication Solution with Microsoft Teams Voice

ProServeIT worked with the ROM to develop a solution for potentially replacing their Lucent Definity PBX solution with a cloud-based Unified Communications (UC) and voice over internet protocol (VoIP) solution.  

The engagement involved working closely with the ROM team to understand their existing environment, including special use cases and requirements from specific line-of-business owners. The result of this collaboration was a recommendation for a Microsoft Teams Phone-based telephony solution, rooted in reference architecture provided by the UC solution provider and industry best practices. 

This solution was designed to meet the ROM's unique needs and requirements while improving their communication system. 




The Impact: Improved Customer Experience and Streamlined Communication with Remote Calling Capabilities

The deployment of Teams Phone has had a significant impact on the Royal Ontario Museum's telephony system. The ability to receive calls remotely without forwarding to personal mobile numbers or ROM-issued mobile devices has greatly increased the accessibility of the contact center.  

The implementation of enhanced calling functionality, such as voicemail and call queuing has improved the overall customer experience. Additionally, the ability to have multiple agents answering calls received at a single number has increased the capacity to handle call volume during peak periods. The inclusion of pre-recorded messages has allowed callers to receive basic information before reaching the operator, improving contact center efficiency. 

Overall, the adoption of Teams Phone has resulted in a more effective and streamlined communication system for the Royal Ontario Museum. 

Project Highlights


Streamlined Communication System 


Remote Calling 


Enhanced Calling Functionality 

Experience secure, reliable, and high-quality calling with Microsoft Teams Phone.

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