Mailbox Guardian

Reduce your chance of being a victim of cybercrime through Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online Security Hardening!

Artboard 8_148 - 11 days plus monthly managed services

Artboard 8_10Orgs w/ Office 365 Exchange Online

price$900+/month (depending on your secure score)


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Watch our demo video for more information on how our Mailbox Guardian works.

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Did you know your end-users' inbox
is the #1 point of entry for a cyber breach?


Artboard 8_16Lock Down Corporate Data

Harden & lock down access to your corporate data by improving password hygiene.

Artboard 8_15Prioritize Improvement Actions

Better understand what hackers are targeting and what you need to prioritize to make your organization more secure.

Artboard 2_3 Enterprise-Grade Security

Have the right tools in place to better protect your organization against modern-day threats; spoofing, phishing, malware, ransomware, and email data exfiltration.

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How we secure your organizational mailbox



Get your secure score 

by running an assessment of your Office 365 and Exchange Online environment and a discovery session. 

Deploy Security Measures

like MFA and Exchange Online Protection policies to reduce your chance of being breached.

Receive Communication Plans

for your end-users to help them understand the changes that are happening and what they can expect.

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