Competitive Advantage through Data Integration and Automation

Automating manual, repetitive tasks is one of the top ways to improve productivity. Some simple manual processes our customers often want to automate include vacation time approval, onboarding activities, and recording sick days.  

What if we told you that these can not only be automated but also be integrated with Microsoft Teamsto make it even easier for your people to use? Automation can be done efficiently with little time and financial commitment.

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Where Are You In Your Teams Journey?

I don't have Teams yet.

Microsoft Teams comes with most of Office 365 licenses. If your organization has Office 365 licenses, chances are that you already have Teams. We can help you understand what apps (in addition to Teams) your Office 365 licenses includes. If you don't have Office 365 yet, we can help you get pricing on it.

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I have Teams but...

If your organization already has Teams but it is not fully utilized yet, we can help you increase the adoption and your Office 365 ROI. We have four different workshops to provide you with actionable roadmaps, whether you'd like to better utilize Teams for callings/meetings or collaboration, or get assistant with adoption and change management.

I want integration and automation!

Want to go one-step further with your Teams so that you can gain true competitive advantage by integrating your data and automating tedious manual processes? That's what we do best! Let's work together to take full advantage of Teams and other apps that come with your Office 365 licenses (you've already been paying for them, why not using them to their full capacity?). 

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Taste of Process Automation

Let us help you not only adoption of Teams, but also automate one of your simple manual processes (i.e. vacation time approval, onboarding, or recording sick days)

Smart Pro

Automation & O365 Data Integration

Go one step further with automation! Is your data scattered across multiple Office 365 applications? Let’s set up a common data model so that your apps talk to each other and there is one single source of truth for your organization.

Smart Elite

Competitive Advantage Gained

Talk “art of the possible” with your process automation! Let’s integrate Microsoft Teams with other platforms (such as your CRM system, HR or accounting software, etc.) so that you can establish the ultimate common data model.  

Customer Story

What it used to be...

The HR Department at HAVI, a global logistics organization with nearly 10,000 employees worldwide, was having trouble onboarding new employees. Their process relied heavily on email and manual entry. Given the volume of employees, this manual entry could lead to errors that would take weeks to remediate.

How things are done now...

Now, new hires can use Teams to complete their paperwork online. With data integration and automation enabled, Teams automatically uploads the documents into HAVI's HR system, assigns tasks to the other necessary departments (i.e. Payroll and IT) to carry out the action items involved with onboarding. 

The customer is happy because...

With this automation in place, HAVI's processing time for new employees has been significantly reduced. What used to take 5+ hours now takes approximately 40 minutes. The automated coordination ensures that each new employee has exactly what they need on their first day of work. Read more about HAVI's story here.


Is Microsoft Teams the Solution for You? 

When determining if Teams is the right solution for your unique needs, ask yourself the following questions. Does the solution you are looking for need to:

correcthelp your employees be more effective in their communication? 
correct make it easier to locate documents and/or conversations that have taken place?
correctensure an efficient on-boarding experience for new employees ?  
correctintegrate with other tools in the business?
correctmake collaborating on documents sharing files easier? 
correcthelp mobile and or remote workers maintain the same level of productivity as if they were in an office?    
correctcreate a centralized digital place for workers - remote, mobile, or in-office - to access the documents and the content they need to in order to do their jobs more effectively?  
correctbe mobile-friendly, so your employees have access to the content wherever they are, from wherever they're working? 

If you've answered yes to some or all of these questions, you're not alone. Many organizations we've worked with have benefitted greatly from the collaboration and communication capabilities of Microsoft Teams to get them connected and on track.

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Still not sure how your organization can utilize and benefit from Microsoft Teams? Our popular, free 6-day Email Course can shed some light for you. 

Sign up today and receive one email per day that is filled with tips and resources that should help you understand what you can achieve with Teams and what pain points it will help you solve. 


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