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Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS): An Enterprise Mobility Suite that Combats Cybersecurity Challenges

Through identity and access management, information protection, threat protection, and Cloud security, Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) is an intelligent mobility management and security platform that protects and secures your organization, while empowering your employees to be more flexible in their work. 





Empower Your Team & Protect Your Time with Enterprise Mobility + Security

EMS provides protection to safeguard your organization's resources, track suspicious login activity, change permissions when needed, and enables single sign-on (SSO) access to your corporate resources from any device using deeply integrated capabilities for mobile device management.



Cloud Security 

The Microsoft Cloud security solutions that are available through EMS provides comprehensive protection for your organization.  


Information protection 

EMS helps you to protect your sensitive data no matter where it lies, and even in transit or when shared with others. With EMS, you'll be able to see and control how your files are used.


Identity and access management 

EMS ensures a secure connection between your people, devices, apps, and data. With EMS, you can increase your security and productivity through a single and holistic identity solution that can give you the flexibility and control you need.  


Threat Protection 

With adaptive, built-in intelligence, EMS lets you protect your organization by detecting and investigating advanced threats, compromised identities, or malicious actions that are happening across your on-premises or Cloud environments. 

Improved Security, Increased Productivity: The Power of Enterprise Mobility + Security

An enterprise mobility suite, like EMS, is your answer for improved security across your Cloud, on-premises, and mobile devices. It also increases employee productivity by allowing you to deliver and monitor apps from a single console. 

Improve Security Across The Organization

With tools like Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) you can detect advanced attacks in real time, identifying potential attacks through the latest in behavioural analytics and anomaly detection, before they can do real damage. 

Help Employees Be More Productive

By extending key applications to your employees’ familiar devices, you can carry out critical business functions, anytime, anywhere, on any device. Single sign-on capabilities unify your IT environment by assigning employees a common identity across on-premises and Cloud applications. 

Simplify App Administration With A Single Console

Using EMS, you can deliver and manage apps across a broad range of devices - including iOS, Android and Windows - from a single management console. Deploy apps automatically during enrollment so employees can easily install corporate apps from a self-service Company Portal. 

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