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When & Why You Should Have a Managed Cybersecurity Service Provider?

Unfortunately, modern hackers operate a successful company with a solid business strategy. For them, it's all about the numbers. The greater the number of targets, the greater the likelihood that one of their strikes will be successful. This implies that every company, irrespective of its sector or size, is a target. The question is not if you will be attacked, but rather when. To avoid being a victim, it is crucial that your organization is well protected. 

In this blog you will find:

Why is cybersecurity important for your organization?

What are the benefits of having a Microsoft partner manage your cybersecurity?

How a benefits & insurance organization managed their IT environment

3 key benefits they achieved from outsourcing their IT services

When is it appropriate to outsource to an MS provider?

This is the final blog of a 5-part managed services (MS) series on how outsourcing IT functions can increase the value of each dollar spent on your business. In this blog, we will talk about why cybersecurity is essential for your organization and how a Benefits & Insurance organization adopted this approach to match its technology to its business goals. 

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Why is cybersecurity important for your organization? 

By contracting out cybersecurity management, you will be able to prepare in advance for the replacement of your company's operating systems, networks, or on-premises servers. This will ensure that your business can reduce the chance of a breach. 

If your company doesn't have a cybersecurity strategy, it won't be able to protect itself from online risks, leaving it open to attack from bad actors who will see it as an easy target. The inherent and residual dangers have steadily increased as a result of the advancement of technology. Businesses are increasingly employing more practical techniques to protect their operations. 

By having your MS Provider constantly and proactively monitor and manage your organization’s systems, networks, and environments, you can ensure that your IT enables your business, not hinders it.  

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What are the benefits of having a Microsoft partner manage your cybersecurity?  

A managed services provider who manages the cybersecurity needs and requirements of numerous organizations has the right tools in hand, the most up-to-date cybersecurity information and know-how, and a pool of experienced cybersecurity experts to draw from. Hence, many organizations turn to an MS provider for their cybersecurity management instead of choosing to hire in-house cybersecurity staff. Some of the benefits of having a professional third-party team proactively manage your cybersecurity include:

  1. Proactively protect networks and data from unauthorized access  
  2. Improved information security and business continuity management with formal planning and scheduled reviews 
  3. Improved stakeholder confidence in your information security arrangements with the addition of a certified third-party provider  
  4. Faster recovery times in the event of a breach due to dedicated 24 x 7 x 365 proactive monitoring and response? 

Cybersecurity has become a necessity for businesses of all sizes as their systems and networks with sensitive and valuable data have come under siege by malicious actors. It is designed to protect all categories of data from unauthorized access, theft and damage. 

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How a benefits & insurance organization managed their IT environment 

A Benefits & Insurance company with 50+ employees working in partnership with advisors and insurance carriers was looking to migrate slow, legacy on-premises servers out of support and into Microsoft Azure. The organization recognized that Azure would provide enhanced security and better accessibility.  

During their search for options, the organization decided to work with an MS provider who could help to set them up for continued security and success. By migrating to Office 365, integrating with Active Directory, and migrating their data to SharePoint, the organization has seen a massive improvement in their cybersecurity posture.  

Any new technology that is deployed within their organization is thoroughly researched by the third-party MS provider, to ensure that it will be secure and supported in the organization’s new environment.  

In addition to accessing this continuous support, the organization has also been able to increase their data security and optimize their technology spending when implementing new technology through this new partnership with their MS provider.  

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3 key benefits they achieved from outsourcing their IT services   

Managed IT services enables you to ensure that your company has the appropriate technology, infrastructure, and the right degree of support at a cost that is affordable. 

🔒Secure and supported IT environment

🔍 Improvements to cybersecurity enhancements 

📈 Increased ROI 

In addition, the organization is also seeing improved ROI, and they now have a stable, consistent, and measurable model that will help them achieve their business objectives and goals. 

When is it appropriate to outsource to an MS provider?   

Managed services providers are experts at knowing what's fresh and exciting in the market, as well as when new technology will be released. Outsourcing the management and maintenance of your technologies and IT-related requirements (all or a portion of them) is also known as utilizing Managed IT Services. Most businesses have operational IT and strategic IT activities to manage. They can outsource either one or both these activities.    

⚙️ Operational IT includes support activities such as password resets, email support, software and hardware support, remote desktop support, root cause analysis coordination, and report generation.   

📍 Strategic IT, includes resources such as a proactive security strategy to help mitigate threats, licensing support and guidance, and cost optimization support to guarantee that you are only paying for what you need and getting the maximum ROI.   

If your company requires support in any of these areas, consider outsourcing your IT. Having a team of IT experts deliver high-quality managed IT services can free up your management's time while also improving your technology to keep you up to date and on top of the ever-changing technological landscape. 

Learn more or get an estimate to see how we can help you make your IT operations more efficient. 

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