By Stephanie Baskerville on February 27, 2018

Top 3 Security Benefits of Managed Desktop Services


Desktop Security, which often refers to the security of your personal computer and/or laptop security, is absolutely essential to ensuring robust and reliable security for your organization’s cyber environment. But many organizations don’t have the time or the resources to be able to manage their own desktop security. In this case, working with a team who can provide you with comprehensive managed desktop services will bring a number of benefits to your organization. Here are the top 3 of those benefits:


Managed Desktop Services Benefit #1: Limit Your Risk by Learning of Emerging Threats Before They Arise

2017 seemed to be the year of the cyberattack. Ransomware like WannaCry, NotPetya, and Locky made international headlines and cost billions of dollars in damages. Companies like Verizon and Equifax faced severe backlash from security breaches within their organization. The ransomware profits skyrocketed, becoming a $1 billion industry, which attracted more and more cybercriminals.

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Utilizing a managed desktop services provider to manage your desktop security means that your eyes aren’t the only ones watching your environment. Your managed desktop services provider can alert you to emerging threats before they become a problem. This limits your organization’s risks of succumbing to those advanced threats like ransomware.

Did you know #ransomware was a $1 billion industry last year? Any organization can be a target. What do you do about it? Lower your risk by being proactive. Tip: Have your #DesktopSecurity monitored by experts. 


Managed Desktop Services Benefit #2: Minimize Your Exposure to Potential Breaches

There are ways that you can minimize your exposure to potential breaches. One way is by ensuring that you do a cybersecurity assessment to see where any potential gaps might exist. An annual assessment provides you with a comprehensive view of your entire environment – from desktop to datacentre – so that you know where your risks are and what protective measures are in place, if any, to prevent a breach. But the assessment does require resources that might be better put elsewhere.

Having someone else managing your environment means that the assessment is done without taking your in-house personnel off valuable projects of your own. Using a managed desktop services provider, who has remote management tools and can oversee the security of your current infrastructure and environment, keeps you protected without utilizing any of your in-house resources.

A #Cybersecurity Assessment provides a comprehensive view of your environment and infrastructure. This is the first step to take to lower risk and improve your organization's overall security.


Managed Desktop Services Benefit #3: Keep Your Organization’s Cyber Environment Secure

Nothing’s worse than being in the dark about your organization’s cyber environment. Is it secure? Are you at risk of a breach? Is your anti-virus software up to date and capable of repelling attacks?

Your managed desktop services provider can provide your organization with solutions, like resolving any desktop anti-virus-related issues, managing the necessary daily anti-virus file updates for your desktops, or managing monthly security patch updates so that your desktops stay secure. Who wouldn’t want that kind of peace of mind?


Your Managed Desktop Security – Start with a Cybersecurity Assessment.

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Published by Stephanie Baskerville February 27, 2018