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The 4 Best Organization Apps that Help You Stay Productive at Work

Which organization apps is your team currently utilizing? Are they the best organization apps available? Are they meeting your expectations? Disorganized employees are never a good thing for organizations. When employees are disorganized, they can miss important deadlines, impact potential sales opportunities, let their teams down, and cost you boatloads in lost salary wages.

Help your team be more organized by introducing them to the best organization apps that are easy to use. Here are four vital apps that can help keep your employees on track and focused, so that they can remain productive at work.


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Best Organization App #1: Microsoft To-Do

Lists are a fantastic way for your employees to plan out their days. Writing down what they need to do helps them to prioritize what’s most important and ensures that they can stay focused on their highest payoff activities.

One of the best organization apps for creating a to-do list is Microsoft To-Do – a virtual, Cloud-based to-do list that helps you keep track of projects, deadlines, tasks, and notes. Accessible from any device – phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop – Microsoft To-Do has great features, like personalized colour-coding, adding reminders and due dates, and taking notes when needed. And your to-do lists are synced across all devices.

Check out the video below to Learn how utilize Microsoft Teams to centralize and track your daily tasks, effectively manage and collaborate on multiple projects. 


Best Organization App #2: OneNote

Aside from improving organization skills, notetaking has also been proven to improve focus, develop attention to detail, and boost comprehension and attention. Taking notes at work – when bombarded with requests via phone, email, or text messages – can help your employees stay on track and be more productive.

OneNote, an integral part of the Office 365 suite of products, is available on any device, at any time, and puts your employees in control of their note-taking process. With OneNote, your employees will be able to take both handwritten and typed notes, insert screen clips, and record audio notes as needed. They can also organize those notes into sections and pages – just like a physical notebook. For extra safety, notebooks (or just individual sections of notebooks) can be password-protected, keeping your organization’s data secure.

Learn more here.


Best Organization App #3: MyAnalytics

Have you ever encouraged your employees to track their time to determine how much time they’re spending in meetings, or on emails, or collaborating with other team members? Part of your employees being more productive at work is knowing how they’re spending their time, and with MyAnalytics, an Outlook add-on, your employees will be able to see exactly how they’re spending their time every week.

By tracking weekly Email Hours, Meeting Hours, Focus Hours, and After Hours, MyAnalytics allows your employees to set goals to keep themselves motivated, and shows them who were their top collaborators that week. MyAnalytics is designed with privacy in mind, so it’s also a great tool for you to use to track your own time.

Learn more here.


Best Organization App #4: Planner

Trying to get everyone on the same page, at the same time, when working on a project can be difficult, especially if the right tools aren’t provided. Ineffective collaboration can certainly be a drain on your employees’ productivity levels.

Planner, a task management tool, allows businesses and organizations the ability to easily structure teamwork so they can get more work done. With Planner, your employees can create new plans so that their teams can assign and collaborate on tasks, update their statuses, share files to help speed the project along, and keep on track with due dates. It’s also a great way for you to stay up to date on how various projects are being run.

By empowering you and your team to effectively manage your tasks, Planner can help increase productivity at work.

Learn how to assign tasks effectively with Microsoft Planner! For the full video series, click here.


Best Organization Apps – Try Them Today!

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Intuitive Chat functionality: Raffles and auction bids were easily managed using the chat.

Positive feedback: Feedback indicates that virtual participants not only attended the event, but felt as if they were in the room. 

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