The most Frequently Asked Questions about Windows Virtual Desktop

Free On-Demand Webinar   tarjetBusiness Decision-Makers    time 40 min

To keep their employees safe and healthy and stop the spread of the virus, many companies who once relied on on-premise work setups have been left scrambling to find remote working options for their employees.

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), a Cloud-based desktop and application virtualization service, could be a viable solution to this unique and challenging problem we've found ourselves in, and in this webinar, we interviewed our Azure expert, Bill Kastner, to give you a high-level overview of Windows Virtual Desktop.

Including a live demo of a Windows Virtual Desktop environment, we'll cover:

  • What Windows Virtual Desktop is.
  • How virtualization helps to address specific needs.
  • How Windows Virtual Desktop can help you to deploy and scale modern and legacy desktop application experiences in a matter of minutes.
  • Using Windows Virtual Desktop to create a seamless client experience for your remote workers.

Recommended For: Business Decision-Makers and those evaluating WVD as a viable option for their business.

Speaker: Bill Kastner

Bill Kastner - Window Virtual Desktop Webinar


With over 25 years in the IT industry, Bill Kastner has been with ProServeIT for the past 5 years. In addition to his knowledge of Office 365 and various other Cloud technologies, Bill's principle area of focus is Microsoft Azure. As Bill explains, Azure is like the Swiss Army Knife of toolsets and products, and Bill enjoys the opportunity to provide customer education on the versatility and diversity of Azure. When he isn't at work, Bill's an avid reader whose tastes run to the distant past (historical fiction) or distant future (science fiction) genres.

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