Most of the webinar is a live demo of Azure Migration so that you can see the process of migration itself. 

See the steps and tools involved in a successful Azure Migration.

Learn about a customer story of successful migration to Azure. 

Looking for a cost-efficient option to replace your current on-premise solution? Consider Azure!

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Azure Migration On-Demand Webinar for IT Professionals
Live Demo of Azure Migration Included

Why migrate to Azure?

Lower your TCO

with Azure’s flexible compute options, you pay as you go without a huge CapEx.

Easily scale

your Azure environment as your organization grows

Methodical, phased migration to Azure

based on best practices & practical industry experience

Security is our foremost concern

when migrating your workloads to Azure and managing your environment thereafter

Are you looking for options to replace your current on-premise solution that is reaching its end of life or capacity? One of the popular and cost-efficient options for many organizations of all sizes is Azure.

Time to replace your on-prem solution? Start with an Azure Assessment.

Before you make the decision to migrate to Azure though, you want to do a cost-benefit analysis by completing an Azure Assessment. After completion of the assessment, you will know:

With a credit available, your Assessment costs as low as $500!*

All the dependencies within your current network

Potential security risks

Your migration readiness

Project running costs in Azure





* Conditions apply. Limited time only.

Get to see a live demo

Learn about the process of migrating to Azure with a live demo of the product. The webinar will also include a customer success story of migrating to Azure.

Learn about Azure migration

This webinar is to help you understand the process of the migration itself. During the webinar, we will go over the migration process, the tools used, and the benefits of migrating to Azure. 

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