We are facing unprecedented times, and the education sector has not been omitted from this new world of self-isolation and social distancing. Now, more than ever, K-12  educational institutions are in need of a solid, highly-available platform to provide staff and student access to distance learning resources.

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) could be that very solution you're looking for. In this webinar co-hosted by Microsoft and ProServeIT, you’ll learn how quickly you can deploy WVD to meet new requirements, and how tools like FSLogix helps simplify and optimize WVD deployments. 

How can K-12 take advantage of WVD?

Windows Virtual Desktop is a scalable, highly-available, and cost-effective Cloud-hosted solution for new remote access scenarios – whether you’re delivering application access or full desktops.  In K-12 schools, WVD can help with:

  • Staff and student access to learning software – from anywhere, on any endpoint. 
  • Secure remote access to key on-premises business applications, from managed or unmanaged endpoints. 

With use cases, benefits, and licensing, we'll show you how Windows Virtual Classroom can provide the staff and students at your K-12 education institution with consistent Learn at Home access to learning software.

Recommended for: IT Decision-Makers and those with technical knowledge who would like to learn more about helping support a Learn at Home model.

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Want your employees to have easy and secure access to their virtualized desktops & remote applications so they can be more effective when working remotely?

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Karen McGregor

Karen McGregor

Canada Education Team, Microsoft Canada Inc.

Bill Kastner

Bill Kastner

Solutions Architect, Azure, ProServeIT


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