Right to Play: Enhancing Collaboration & Security with Office 365 Migration

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Right to Play implemented Windows 10 and Office 365 solutions that assisted with securing their data, improved collaboration among their teams, and helped them become a more efficient and productive nonprofit organization.

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Business Challenge

Right to Play was looking for a cost-effective way to help increase their employees’ mobility, while also keeping their data secure and giving their staff and volunteers the ability to collaborate and share resources.
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• Improved Access: Employees are using Office 365 and SharePoint which give them the necessary tools to access the resources and materials they use when teaching children.

• Increased Data Security: Right To Play utilized Windows 10’s biometric security to keep their data more secure, addressing the security issues that inevitably came up from having many employees working abroad.

• Cost Savings: As a not-for-profit organization, Right to Play enjoys the benefits of Microsoft’s reduced cost structure for qualified nonprofits.

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