Microsoft Phone System & Calling Plans - All You Need To Know

Available through Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Phone System & Calling Plans can give people in your organization their own primary phone number which they can use to make and receive calls online.

By adopting Microsoft Phone System & Calling Plans, you can ditch the cumbersome on-premise structure and move to a Cloud solution that lets you make and receive calls from your PC, handset, or mobile device – all at a significant cost reduction.

Get Started With Microsoft Phone System & Calling Plans

Microsoft Calling Plans Discovery Workshop

Are you paying a significant amount of money for your phone system? Looking for ways to reduce costs and lower maintenance requirements? Our one-day discovery workshop shows how Microsoft Phone System & Calling Plans offers a Cloud-based solution that provides added flexibility, cost-savings, and convenience.

What You’ll Get From A Discovery Workshop

    • A clearer understanding of your current phone system capabilities.
    • An understanding of how you can implement a Microsoft Phone System & Calling Plan.
    • A cost overview, including any major cost-savings from switching from your current phone system.
    • Knowledge of all the organizational benefits that come from adopting Microsoft Phone System & Calling Plans.
    • A one-page roadmap with recommendations on how to migrate to a cloud-based system.

Microsoft Phone System & Calling Plans Pilot Program

After you’ve gone through our one-day Discovery Workshop, the next step in your journey of switching to a new Microsoft Phone System is to participate in our Pilot Program. Beyond simply reducing costs and maintenance requirements, the Pilot Program will help you realize a myriad of benefits that come with introducing a Microsoft Phone System.

The Benefits Of Your Pilot Program

  • Access your phone system from anywhere, on any device.
  • Easily transfer your phone number from your current service provider to your new Microsoft Phone System.
  • Choose from three calling plans which offer a variety of options for your organization.
  • Get one-on-one setup and implementation support from our experts.
  • Knowledge transfer and staff training included to help fast and smooth adoption.

Your Trusted Partner

Let us help you get started with Microsoft Phone System and Calling Plans to reduce your phone system costs & maintenance requirements today!