Virtual Conference for Nonprofits & Charities

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ProServeIT's #Empower2020, virtual conference for nonprofits and charities, took place on January 15th, 2020. 

All sessions were recorded and are now available on-demand! Please sign up to watch them at your convenience.

Here is the agenda of the conference. Please refer to it to see the full list of breakout sessions and the recommended audience for each. 

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Why attend #Empower2020?



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Do you want the value of a conference (i.e. access to the experts and knowledge) in the most resource-efficient manner? Our virtual conference is for you! 



Keynote session plus 20+ breakout sessions to choose from. Attend the sessions most relevant to you and access all the session recordings post-conference for a year.



Sort through the clutter and get to the valuable stuff that is the most up-to-date and relevant to your organization. This full-day virtual conference is packed with just that!

Who Should Attend ProServeIT's #Empower2020?

Executive Directors & Senior Leadership

#Empower2020 has a few sessions specifically designed for executives of nonprofits that will be delivered by senior executives. Here are some of the questions #Empower2020 will help you answer:

1) how to empower and motivate your people;

2) how to utilize the data/information you have to make the most optimal decisions that will make your board members happy; and

3) what are the top five things an executive needs to know about cybersecurity (trends, apps to protect your personal data, policies, etc.) 

Recommended sessions:

Fundraising, Donor Relations & Grant Management

Want to learn about the latest in nonprofit industry best practices without burning your budget and spending days traveling? We’ve designed some solid sessions that can help you answer some of the questions such as:

1) how to effectively and easily communicate with donors on a regular basis;

2) what are some fundraising best practices nonprofits have test; and

3) apps and platforms that help you maximize your time.
Recommended Sessions:

IT Professionals

We’ve designed a number of demo-based sessions specifically for IT professionals by IT professionals. Join us to find answers to some of the questions including:

1) keeping your organization’s data secure;

2) how to digitally transform your environment;

3) automating workloads, so you can take the burden off your team; and

4) where Azure fits it with your organization (benefits, security, back-ups, and more).
Recommended sessions:

Communications & Marketing

We’ve put together a few specific sessions for communications professionals by communications professionals. Here are some of the questions they will help you answer:

1) the best tools to communicate with donors, volunteers, and board members;

2) making the most of your marketing and communications budget; and

3) how to take advantage of bots to automate some of the messaging you send.
Recommended Sessions:

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Breakout Sessions

KEYNOTE: Be Empowered to Change Your Organization's Growth Trajectory from Linear to Exponential

By Justin Spelhaug

There are four million charitable organizations working on the frontline of change right now. And most of them are racing the clock – there are so many people in need, but the ability to exponentially grow enough to help those people often seems quite challenging. To be able to provide these charitable organizations with the technology and the capability to predict the next Ebola outbreak, deliver aid and supplies where and when it needs to go, communicate and collaborate on a global scale, or further life-saving, important, or valuable missions, takes scale. Join us as we listen to Justin’s powerful words, encouraging us to work together to create the change that we want to see in the world.

Recommended for:

  • Everyone!


Change Is Not an Event - It's an Everyday Reality!

By Brian Brennan

In this session, Brian will walk participants through how to successfully coach your team members through a major organizational change, so that you can help even the most reluctant employee to get on board and achieve your objectives. We'll talk about the psychology behind change management, personality styles and how each of them moves through the change journey, and cover coaching tactics to use to help everyone in your nonprofit to adapt to change.

Recommended for:

  • Executives, Senior Leadership, and Managers

I Bet You Didn't Know! Facts, Tips, Shortcuts & Savings in the Cloud

By Darrell Booker

It's no surprise that many nonprofit organizations struggle with ensuring that their infrastructure and IT environment is as up to date as it can be. But what if we told you that switching to a Cloud-based environment through Microsoft Azure wouldn't just help you upgrade your environment, but would also be easier and more cost-effective? In this session, we'll give you a fast-paced walkthrough of getting the most out of having your infrastructure, apps, data, and reporting powered by Azure.

Recommended for:

  • IT Professionals

Safe Computing & Best Practices for Your Nonprofit: What Do You, As an End-User, Need to Know?

By Stephanie Baskerville

As an end-user, you may not always think about the security of your nonprofit organization as falling under your purview. Maybe you have an IT department that handles it for you. Or maybe you think that you’re not important enough to be targeted. But, the reality is, most of us don’t have a clue how our habits or behaviours can attract threat actors and make our organization a juicy target. Most of us don’t even know when we’ve been breached. What is phishing and what should you look out for? Do you know what the danger is of clicking unsafe links? Do you practice password management or are you using the same root password for every account? Are your social media accounts and/or habits opening the door for attacks? Join Stephanie as she uses some personal stories to illustrate the importance of cybersecurity from an end-user perspective.

Recommended for:

  • Anyone in fundraising, communications, marketing, or administration.

Grants/Awards Management Made Simpler with Nonprofit Operations Toolkit

By Vincent Richardson

Do you want to move away from the manual process for awards/grants and project management? Want to efficiently increase transparency with your funders and donors while improving collaboration within your organization? Then, you want to see a demo of "Operations Toolkit"! This is a new app Microsoft will soon be introducing. It can help your nonprofit to manage awards, grants, and project information in one centralized platform. Join us to see how Operations Toolkit can empower your organization to: 1) move away from heavily manual process using Excel; 2) centralize all of your grant and fundraising information in one platform; and 3) move toward an open data model to increase transparency with your donors and improve collaboration with everyone in your organization including board members.

Recommended for:

  • Anyone in Grants and Awards Management

The Azure Journey: Understanding What You Need to Know about Migrating to Azure

By Bill Kastner

Are your infrastructure needs and requirements changing? Do you have remote workers in other parts of the world who need to access your data to do their jobs? Is your nonprofit organization growing and you find yourself needing a solution that provides you with availability, redundancy, and scalability? If so, Azure could be a cost-efficient option for you. Join Bill as he walks through the Azure Journey. In this session, Bill will help you understand, 1) how to build a business case for your nonprofit to move to Azure; 2) the benefits of doing an Azure assessment; 3) identifying candidate workloads for migrating to Azure; 4) finding the best ways to complete your Azure migration, and much more!

Recommended For:

  • Any IT professionals in a nonprofit organization who has been looking to address their infrastructure's changing needs and requirements. 

Empowering Employees: Motivating Your People Through High Performance Coaching

By Julie Ruben Rodney

This session focuses on building effective feedback and coaching skills for leaders and providing them with the foundation for managing people. The role of a good leader is to provide whatever it takes – goals, direction, training, support, feedback, and recognition – to develop employees’ skills, motivation, and confidence to excel. Join us to get your hands on a framework that can help you effectively increase the frequency and quality of performance conversations with an eye to developing competence, gaining commitment and keeping talented individuals within the organization.

Recommended for:

  • Executive Directors & Senior Leadership

Fundraise With Stories, Not 'Call to Actions'

By Justin Rotman

Are the channels and solicitation methods you use to acquire and build relationships with supporters working, or does it all feel like guesswork? Donors (especially gen X, Y and millennials) want a peak behind the curtain, not another mailer or newsletter. Join us and learn how you can leverage modern technology to start telling stories that engage, convert and steward your base. 

Recommended for:

  • Anyone in fundraising, communications, marketing, or administration.

Cybersecurity for Nonprofit Executives: What You Need to Know

By Eric Sugar

1 in 3 executives admit that their company does not have an end to end security strategy. Yet, in today’s world, your organization's security perimeter has changed – it’s much more distributed, it’s always evolving, and it’s constantly under threat. So, do you have an IT security strategy in place that can protect you, both from a corporate and a personal perspective? Want to learn about how to improve your security habits and behaviours, both at the office, and at home? Join Eric as he provides an introductory glance into all things cybersecurity for nonprofit executives and helps you understand the first steps you need to take in protecting yourself and your organization.

Recommended for:

  • Executive Directors & Senior Leadership


Intranet Portals with SharePoint: Providing Staff and Volunteers With Up To Date Documents & Resources

By Caroline Mikhail

As a nonprofit or charity, the volunteers and staff in your organization need to be able to stay up-to-date with the latest documents, organization vision, news and resources that you've prepared. But there seems to be a mistaken assumption that SharePoint is cumbersome, complicated, and hard to manage. Join Caroline Mikhail, Solutions Architect at ProServeIT, as she dispels some of these myths and shows you the modern experience in SharePoint – like the new flat structure and how to create hub sits – in an easy-to-use and easy-to-manage solution. Whiteboarding session and demos included.

Recommended for:

  • IT Professionals

Office 365 Collaboration: Way More than Just Sending Emails & Creating Spreadsheets!

By Keith Vivekananda

Do you want to understand exactly how to use all those apps and services included in your Office 365 license (such as Teams, SharePoint, OneNote, PowerApps, etc.)? Then, this breakout session is for you! In this demo-based session, we’ll show you several various possibilities on how you can use Office 365 including: 1) how SharePoint can help you save, share, and collaborate on documents; 2) how Teams can be used for instant messaging, calling, meetings, and collaborating as a team; and 3) how you can automate those mundane and repetitive tasks that take up so much of your day.

Recommended for:

  • Anyone working for nonprofits who'd like to fully utilize the apps & services included in their Office 365 license. 

Marketing for Nonprofits that Brings Results

By Mihae Ahn 

Every marketing team, but especially those in a nonprofit or charity, is expected to do more with less. You want to measure the impact of every marketing dollar spent and want to do your absolute best bringing the results back to your organization. Sound familiar? If so, then this session is for you! 

The objectives of this session are:

1) to help you understand how people engage and build ongoing relationships with nonprofit organizations and the role of marketing for building and fostering the relationships; and

2) to share with you a simple, 5-step process to create a plan that will bring you the results you are looking for.

Recommended for:

  • Executive Directors & Senior Leadership, Communications & Marketing, Fundraising & Donor Relations


Modernizing Secure Delivery of Windows 10 OS Using InTune & Autopilot!

By Marc Mendez

When it comes to ensuring that your staff and volunteers have the right equipment, when they need it, sometimes it's not feasible to have a traditional approach of having the device physically in your possession in order to configure it for the end user. Join Marc as he reviews how to modernize the secure delivery of Windows 10 Operating Systems, while also improving efficiencies using InTune and Autopilot (demos included).

Recommended for:

  • IT Professionals


Teams Voice, Conferencing, and Direct Routing

By Tony Caporaletti

You may be aware that Microsoft Teams is a multi-functional communications and collaboration platform that can help you to share and work on files, chat with colleagues, and host internal meetings and calls. But did you know that Teams is also capable of providing a voice platform as well? In this session, we'll talk about the various voice, conferencing, and Direct Routing features of Microsoft Teams, including, 1) what the difference is between the three; 2) when you should use voice, conferencing, or direct routing; 3) integrating Teams with your current phone carrier (like Bell, Telus, or Rogers) to give you more flexibility within the Teams platform; and more!

Recommended for:

  • IT Professionals

System Thinking: Managing Work Differently to Create Impact with Limited Resources

By Alexia Maschowsky

As a nonprofit, you need to manage a lot of moving pieces, often juggling competing priorities such as obtaining funding and resources while simultaneously fulfilling your mission. Every dollar needs to be stretched to the max, creating a tangible impact and thereby justifying further funding from donors & funders.

Many management schools of thought don’t often take these considerations in mind – they tend to have rather linear thinking. It’s only when we realize that organizations and charities exist as “a system”, with important and complex dynamics to consider, that management can start to look at things differently. In this session, join Alexia as she digs deeper into the role of managers as part of this “system”. Through tangible advice on running both day-to-day workloads and special projects, Alexia will help you understand how to further your core mission and avoid common management pitfalls (checklist included). 

Recommended for:

  • Executive Directors & Senior Leadership

Panel: The Economic Impacts of Nonprofit Organizations in North America and Globally

In the United States alone, nonprofit organizations employ 12.3 million people, and spend nearly $1 trillion annually for goods and services. From that statistic, it's quite clear to get a high-level picture of the global economic impact that nonprofit organizations have. In this session, executives from St. John Ambulance, the MS Society of Canada, and World Wildlife Fund Canada will discuss not only the importance of the charitable sector to North American economies, but also how charities can invest in technology to further their cause, and how charities need to adapt for the future.

Recommended for:

  • Executive directors & Senior leadership 

Bots... Are they still too futuristic?

By Alfero Chingono

Futuristic or not, Bots are here to stay, and more and more nonprofit organizations are adopting them. There are great benefits to what Bots can do to help your nonprofit - like automating manual processes so you can give your team some time back to focus their energy on high-valued tasks. Want to see a demo? This session is for you!

Recommended for:

  • Anyone who is fascinated by bots technology and how it can be utilized in their workplace to make their lives easier!

The Modern Workplace: Collaboration and Security

By David Ibbitt

Do you want to move away from email and start being more collaborative? Want to make things easier and more secure for your nonprofit organization? Join David Ibbitt, Modern Workplace Specialist, to learn about how Microsoft Teams can increase collaboration and productivity for your nonprofit, and how Microsoft is putting cybersecurity first - especially for nonprofit organizations! 

Recommended for:

  • Anyone working for nonprofits who'd like to understand better about cybersecurity trends and how to utilize Microsoft Teams to increase productivity and improve collaboration.

Digital marketing 101 for nonprofits

By Jafar Hassan

Are you in charge of fundraising, marketing, or communications for your nonprofit organization? Then, you don’t want to miss this session! Jafar Hassan, Digital Experience Manager at Imagine Canada, will share Imagine Canada's story around how they improved their overall effectiveness, connectivity, and integration by improving their digital presence. Hear the inspiring story directly from Jafar who has been in the centre of the incredible digital marketing transformation Imagine Canada has been going through! He will also share tips and tricks around improving website design and performance and self-managing (effectively and easily) search engine marketing.

Recommended for:

  • Anyone in communications, marketing, and fundraising

Increase your nonprofit’s bottom line by working with data!

By Scott Sugar

Many leaders of nonprofits struggle to work with the sheer amount of raw data they have and hope to increase data visibility to improve their organization’s efficiency. Are you in the same boat? This session is for you! Join Scott to learn how a data analytics tool can empower your nonprofit to make the most optimal business decisions. Using demos, we’ll show you how easily you can create visually stunning reports and dashboards that are available in real-time, at the click of a mouse.

Recommended for:

  • Executive directors & senior leadership
  • Finance and admin staff

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