By ProServeIT on April 13, 2022

How to Choose and Invest in the Right Technology Tools for Your Company?

Every business is unique, and as a result, every business needs unique tools to be successful. There are so many tools and options available in today’s digital world that it can be extremely overwhelming. Communication and collaboration tools, project management tools, customer relationship management tools, marketing tools, HR management tools and so on - it’s a never-ending list. 

With so many options on the market, businesses oftentimes invest in too many tools or programs that perform the same function. Are you experiencing the same challenge? Do you feel like you have tool overload or are not sure what tools your business should use and when? It’s a legitimate question – the average mid-size company has upwards of 70+ applications that they use in their business. So, what do you pick, how do you choose which ones to use, and when is one tool better than another? Continue reading to find out! 

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Addressing Tool Overload 

Addressing tool overload starts with asking yourself: what’s the problem I’m trying to solve? Do I need this tool to save time, to improve communication, or to automate processes? Once you have a better understanding what the problem is, you can start evaluating which tools will help solve that problem.   

How should you choose between two (or more) tools? How do you know which one to use and when to use it? 

Here are three things to consider when evaluating a tool: 

⚖️ Less is more. When it comes to business tools, less is often more. There is no need for a tool for everything, and there is no need for multiple tools that do the same thing. Having said that, it is critical to select the appropriate tool for the job. It will save you time and money, whereas the incorrect tool will do the opposite. You can avoid “analysis paralysis” by not giving your employees too many options.  

✅ Set standards and maintain consistency. Once you’ve decided on the tools you’ll use as a business, it’s important to establish standards and maintain consistency. This means that everyone in the company should be using the same version of the same tools. It sounds simple, but it’s frequently overlooked. When everyone on your team is on the same page, it saves time and reduces confusion. 

🔑 Integration is key. The last thing you want is for your employees to have to constantly switch between different tools. You also don’t want data silos, where information is scattered and difficult to find. Integration enables you to connect all your business tools and create a unified workflow. 

So, instead of doing a lot of training with so many different tools, the easier solution is to narrow down your options, set standards and maintain consistency across your organization, and find tools that will integrate with one another. A well-integrated solution or platform results in higher value.  

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Create a Better User Experience for Your Team – Start with Choosing the Right Tools! 

The goal is to make your employees’ lives easier, not harder. The right tools will save them time, increase their productivity, and help them do their jobs efficiently. So, remember when choosing tools for your business, keep these three things in mind: less is more, set standards and maintain consistency, and integration is key. By following these guidelines, you can avoid over-investing in tools and create a better user experience for your team. 

Need some guidance with investing in the right tools for your business? We can help! We designed our Technology Roadmap Lite specifically for CEOs and C-suite executives to assist them in brainstorming the various elements of a Technology Strategy Framework.   

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Published by ProServeIT April 13, 2022