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How To Align Team and Company Goals with Microsoft Viva Goals?

Unlock a powerful Objectives and Key Results (OKR) management solution that empowers your teams to align with organizational objectives, drive growth, and achieve outstanding results. Astonishingly, Microsoft's Work Trend Index revealed that just 13% of frontline managers grasp the profound impact of their work on the company's strategic goals. This misalignment is more than just a missed opportunity; it is a daily cost to your business.

Unfortunately, the current challenging landscape intensifies this dilemma. In a world where businesses must swiftly adapt to economic volatility and employees increasingly seek meaningful work, the demand for precise alignment takes on even greater significance. The shift toward hybrid work models frequently fosters organizational silos, impeding team cohesion and alignment.

With these challenges in mind, Microsoft Viva Goals becomes a robust solution for organizations by creating an environment where everyone understands their role in achieving Objectives and Key Results.

This blog will explore the transformative power of Microsoft Viva Goals and its integration with the Objectives and Key Results framework.

Here you will find:  

🎯 What are Objectives and Key Results?

πŸ“‹ Create a Purpose-Driven Culture with Microsoft Viva Goals

πŸ€– Upcoming Release: New AI Capabilities with Copilot in Viva Goals

✈️ Experience the Microsoft Viva Journey with ProServeIT

🏁 Conclusion

What are the Objectives and Key Results?

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) represent a tried-and-true goal-setting framework that fosters alignment, concentration and a culture of engagement to propel business success. Astonishingly, 96% of employees using OKRs clearly understand how their efforts directly contribute to the overarching company objectives.

Breaking Down OKRs: Objectives, Key Results, and Key Initiatives

It is crucial to understand their fundamental components to optimize the benefits of OKRs: Objectives, Key Results, and Key Initiatives.

🎯 Objectives are qualitative and aspirational goals for an individual, team, or company. Objectives should ideally be limited to 3-5 to maintain focus and priority. Having more than five objectives means that goals are scattered and less likely to be accomplished.

πŸ“Š Key Results are quantifiable outcomes that lead to the attainment of an objective. Key Results provide a roadmap illustrating how to reach broad Objectives. They offer a yardstick for measuring progress, allowing you to identify when an objective has been met.

πŸ“‘ Key Initiatives are actionable projects or activities undertaken to achieve an objective. Key Initiatives help bridge the gap between your current position and the desired Key Results, propelling you closer to your larger Objectives.

Organizations can create a clear and cohesive path toward achieving their strategic goals by effectively leveraging Objectives, Key Results, and Key Initiatives. Utilizing them within the Microsoft Viva Goals framework can significantly enhance alignment, focus, and engagement, driving your business toward unparalleled success.

The Formula to Writing Good OKRs

Creating an effective OKR is an art form. There are a few key components that can guide you toward writing strong, actionable OKRs for your team or organization.

how to write OKRsIn establishing effective OKRs, each team or individual should define 3-5 primary Objectives, breaking each objective into 3-5 Key Results. These Key Results rely on specific actions, such as Key Initiatives and Projects. Structuring OKRs serves as a navigational beacon for all levels of the organization, bridging the gap from top-level management to frontline employees.

It is important to note that Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) are not merely an extensive list of tasks; they are a strategic tool designed to concentrate goal-setting efforts with significant organizational impact. While these goals should be ambitious, they must remain attainable, inspiring employees to excel while comprehending their roles within the broader organizational landscape.

Leveraging the Microsoft Viva Goals framework streamlines the implementation and management of your OKRs, enhancing alignment, focus, and engagement throughout your organization.

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Create a Purpose-Driven Culture with Microsoft Viva Goals

Microsoft Viva Goals, the latest addition to the Viva Suite, is tailored for business goal setting and management. It serves as the bridge connecting employee experience with tangible business outcomes, ensuring clarity and consistency in goal-setting processes. Viva Goals seamlessly integrates within organizations, aiding in team alignment with strategic priorities and achieving measurable results, all within the comprehensive Viva employee experience.

Microsoft-Viva-Goals-for-Objectives-and-key-results[This screenshot shows the potential of Viva Goals to enhance the customer experience when used for Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)]

What Is Microsoft Viva Goals and What Are its Benefits?

Microsoft Viva Goals is aimed at simplifying the task of establishing and overseeing goals within a company. This tool facilitates the creation of a well-defined route toward achieving organizational objectives by offering a collaborative platform for staff, teams, and supervisors to synchronize OKRs (Objectives and Key Results).

Microsoft Viva Goals brings many advantages to improve alignment, efficiency, and results. Here are some of the standout benefits:

  • β˜‘οΈ Connect Employees to Organizational Goals: Viva Goals provides a platform for employees to fully understand and connect with the organization's objectives. This connection drives engagement and fuels business results, as employees understand how their efforts contribute to the bigger picture.
  • β˜‘οΈ Centralized OKR Management: Viva Goals allows you to build and manage your Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) from one centralized location. It also offers deployment and best practices guidance, ensuring your OKR process is optimized for success.
  • Microsoft-Viva-Goals-gain-visibility-into-goals

[This screenshot shows how you can gain visibility into goals across your business with organizational, team, and individual views and how it can focus teams on your most critical priorities.]

  • β˜‘οΈ Integration into Day-to-Day Workflow: Viva Goals integrates Objectives and Key Results into your daily workflow, ensuring continuous alignment with core priorities. It effortlessly connects with Microsoft Teams for easy use and interfaces with your existing tools. Additionally, it provides robust connections to data sources like Azure DevOps, Power BI, and Planner, synchronizing hourly for real-time information and eliminating redundancy in tracking business metrics.
  • β˜‘οΈ Shared Dashboards for Easy Review: Viva Goals allows users to harness customizable widgets to craft tailored OKR presentations. Real-time data and an interactive interface facilitate deep discussions that drive results. Additionally, users have the flexibility to create personalized dashboards for every person within their organization, ensuring that each team member has access to the insights needed for seamless and effective review meetings. Viva Goals Dashboards represent a significant step towards elevating goal-setting efficiency for users.

Microsoft Viva Goals: Built with the Enterprise in Mind

Microsoft Viva Goals is meticulously built with enterprise-grade requirements in mind. It integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365, enabling an intuitive, accessible, and unified goal management experience. This platform is engineered to support alignment across all levels of an organization, from individual employees to top-level management.

viva-goals-built-for-enterprise infographicπŸ” Enterprise-level security and privacy: Microsoft Viva Goals offers upcoming features such as conditional access controls, audit logs, and single sign-on capabilities for enhanced security.

⛓️ Integration with the Microsoft 365 suite and third-party tools: Microsoft Viva Goals ensures compatibility within the Microsoft ecosystem. It also extends its functionality beyond Microsoft's offerings.

πŸ‘“ Transparency and visibility: Microsoft Viva Goals offers sophisticated views of individual, team, and organizational goals, enabling leaders to identify where focus is needed and employees to understand how their work contributes to the overall objectives.

The integration framework continually evolves with new connections added regularly, making Viva Goals adaptable and versatile for diverse business environments. 

Upcoming Release: New AI Capabilities with Copilot in Viva Goals

Microsoft Viva Goals is taking goal management to the next level by integrating innovative AI capabilities. The incorporation of Copilot in Viva Goals utilizes innovative artificial intelligence (AI) to collaborate with you closely, ensuring the creation and refinement of goals are task-oriented and result-driven. This AI-driven approach enhances productivity by automating the routine progress check-ins and update tasks.


Copilot's AI capabilities provide an intelligent interface that understands and responds to the unique needs of each user, thereby encouraging more personalized and effective goal setting. It aids in making goal management a dynamic and interactive process, tuning it to align with the evolving business objectives and workforce dynamics.

Stay tuned as Microsoft Viva Goals will soon be released with the Copilot feature. As a trusted partner, ProServeIT will be instrumental in helping businesses leverage this AI-driven approach to goal management. With this collaboration, expect an advanced system that perfectly comprehends your unique needs and optimizes goal setting, management, and tracking.

Experience the Microsoft Viva Journey with ProServeIT

Business is better when people can be their best. To help businesses succeed, you can create a more meaningful employee experience that enables employees to do their best work – and bring their best selves to work. And that’s where Microsoft Viva comes in.


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Microsoft Viva Goals is a significant change for enterprises with its organizational alignment and efficiency approach. Its integration with OKRs, Microsoft Teams, and other valuable tools, along with upcoming AI capabilities with Copilot, is set to revolutionize goal management. ProServeIT, as a trusted Microsoft partner, can guide your journey with this innovative platform, transforming your workplace experience and fostering a culture of strategic alignment, engagement, and success. Take the first step toward this transformative journey today and experience the profound impact of Microsoft Viva Goals on your organization's performance.

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