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SharePoint Migration: 5 Steps to Follow for a Successful Migration


“I’ve decided to implement SharePoint in my organization. Now what?”

The answer to this question is simple – it’s time to plan a migration. Whether you are starting from a file share or an existing SharePoint environment, a migration allows for your organization to start with a new environment that’s free of legacy data and will be, in the end, a much cleaner environment. Based on our experience with many customers, here is our recommended 5-step approach to ensure your migration to SharePoint is successful.

SharePoint Migration

The First Step to Your SharePoint Migration – Have a Plan Before You Start

A plan is the first step to your SharePoint Migration roadmap. Quite literally, your SharePoint migration plan should be a plan for how you’re going to do your SharePoint migration. You should consider what files you want to migrate, for example. Here is your chance to work with departments to get rid of some of the content that doesn’t need to come over and get them used to the idea of using the new environment. There are lots of cases where content cannot be brought over (or the content shouldn’t be brought over) due to it being old or no longer needed, so planning what content you want to migrate should be the first and one of the most important steps for your SharePoint migration.


Implementing Your SharePoint Migration Plan: 4 Steps to a Successful SharePoint Migration

Now that you have the plan in place, it’s time to consider the actual migration. Your SharePoint migration requires four additional steps to be successful:

1) Governance and Clean Up ⚙️

2) Test Migration ☑️

3) Migration ☁️

4) Decommissioning 🛠️

Check out the short video below to see how you can automate processes with SharePoint:

⚙️ SharePoint Migration Step 1: Governance & Clean-Up

When you’re coming from another file share site, or even another SharePoint site, it’s important to come up with the standards for the new environment, so you don’t bring over any old junk. This step of the migration plan is a good time to organize your documents, decide on the tags you’re going to use to categorize them, remove any duplicate copies of files that are on your current system, and determine some governance around your new system.

☑️ SharePoint Migration Step 2: Test Migration

This is the step in the migration plan where you run a test migration on your SharePoint site before doing the actual migration. Migrations aren’t the easiest thing to do – there are a lot of restrictions when working with data on Office 365. There are limits on the length and characters used in file names, limits on certain file sizes, limits on the length of the file path, etc., so the test step is an important part of the process. Ensure that you run the appropriate test tools to make sure everything will be migrated over properly.

Sound complicated? ProServeIT has helped several companies with their migration plan, and we can help you get the most out of your SharePoint investment and take the most effective route possible.

☁️ SharePoint Migration Step 3: Migration

Once the testing is done, it’s time for the actual migration of your content to your new SharePoint site.  This is when you decide how your SharePoint migration will go. Maybe you want to only move ten people or a department to start. Maybe moving over one server at a time. It’s up to you how to take down your old system.


🛠️ SharePoint Migration Step 4: Decommissioning

After you’re finished with your SharePoint migration, it’s time to decommission your old site. Again, this can be done in phases: phase out each server, decommission ten people at a time, or other decommissioning plans.

SharePoint-in-a-Day Workshop

Don’t Go on Your SharePoint Migration Journey Alone

Following these five steps of our migration roadmap will help you ensure that your SharePoint journey will be on track. But, we understand that these steps can seem daunting.

Based on our experience with numerous customers on their SharePoint migration journey, we have designed an engagement to help you most efficiently migrate to SharePoint. Click the image below to download full details about the engagement. Ready to get started with your journey? Talk to our SharePoint experts today.

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Right to Play, a global non-profit organization, improved its staff’s access to necessary resources and tools by utilizing SharePoint.


Key Benefits:

Improved Access: Employees are using Office 365 and SharePoint which give them the necessary tools to access the resources and materials they use when teaching children.

Increased Data Security: Right To Play utilized Windows 10’s biometric security to keep their data more secure, addressing the security issues that inevitably came up from having many employees working abroad.

Cost Savings: As a not-for-profit organization, Right to Play enjoys the benefits of Microsoft’s reduced cost structure for qualified nonprofits.

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