As the world settles into the "new normal" of remote working, it could be time to start asking yourself, "what's next"? From the unprecedented times you're facing, what lessons can you take into the future of your business?

With so many organizations turning to Microsoft Teams to help them communicate & collaborate effectively, no matter where they're physically located, it could make sense to consider how to take Teams to the next level! 

In this second webinar from the series What's next?, we'll explore Microsoft Teams Voice, and how the various voice, conferencing, and Direct Routing features of Microsoft Teams could potentially assist with shifting to a "new normal" of voice and audio conferencing. 

Using live demos and use cases, join Tony Caporaletti, ProServeIT's Unified Communications Solutions Architect as he helps you to explore what you need to know to adopt Microsoft Teams Voice in your organization - today!

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Speaker: Tony Caporaletti

Tony Caporaletti

Tony began his 13 years in the IT industry as an apprentice Network Engineer and it led him down the path to his 8-year career here at ProServeIT. With expertise in Active Directory, Exchange, Office 365, and various Unified Communications technologies, like Skype for Business, Microsoft Phone System, and Microsoft Teams, Tony is passionate about helping customers get the most from their technology. When he's not keeping up with the changes happening in the technology sector, Tony is an avid sports enthusiast, with particular interest in basketball, soccer, and golf.


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This white paper for business leaders has four technology tips that can come in handy when you build your preparedness plan. 

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Remote Work 101 Webinar on COVID-19 Preparedness

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This Webinar cover the bare minimum essentials that we encourage you to think about and implement sooner than later to effectively set up remote working and stay as productive as possible during this difficult time.

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Remote Work 102: Ramping Up for Remote Working Scenarios

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This follow-up webinar will continue this remote work theme, and will include demos to help your staff understand exactly how a tool like Microsoft Teams can be utilized while working remotely, so that you can stay connected and productive even when you're working from home.

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Remote Work 103: Windows Virtual Desktop Makes Remote Working Easier

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Since the outbreak of COVID-19, organizations across the globe have found themselves in unprecedented times. Many organizations who once relied on on-premise work setups have been left scrambling to find remote working options for their employees.

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Remote Work 104: Five Remote Work Security Tips to Keep In Mind

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In this fourth webinar in our Remote Work series, join Marc Mendez, ProServeIT's cybersecurity Solutions Architect, to understand the top 5 remote work security tips that we think your organization should keep in mind as you move to a remote work model. We'll also allow plenty of time for your questions at the end of our presentation.

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Remote Work 105: Using Bots to Address Employee Wellness During COVID-19 & After

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In our fifth installment of our Remote Work webinar series, we're going to address these questions, and more! Join Alfero Chingono and Stephanie Baskerville for a dialogue on employee wellness during difficult times, and an exploration of how bots could be a potential game-changer for all organizations out there. Bring your questions, too, and let's start a dialogue around employee wellness!