What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is, simply put, the delivery of computing services – servers, database, analytics, networking, etc. – over the Internet (i.e. “The Cloud”).

Using an online service to send emails? That’s Cloud computing.  Co-authoring a document online between colleagues using a file sharing service like Microsoft OneDrive? That’s Cloud computing, too. Keeping track of your client base through a CRM like Microsoft Dynamics 365? Cloud computing! Cloud computing can be confusing but it doesn’t have to be. Check out this summary on the 10 most common myths and facts about moving to the Cloud, and how it can help organizations like yours.

Cloud computing is a cost-effective, fast, reliable, and flexible array of services that many organizations both large and small have already adopted, due to the numerous benefits such as boosted productivity, increased collaboration, and reduced IT costs.

To take full advantage of all these benefits and to save time and money, you should work with experienced Cloud experts to put in place a solid plan and strategy. ProServeIT has seen and worked with organizations of all sizes in all industries to move to the Cloud. At ProServeIT, we know the Cloud.

Cloud Computing Roadmap

How does a Cloud project unfold? Below is a simplified Cloud project roadmap that we typically follow. However, we know that every Cloud project is different, with its own distinct requirements and challenges.

We have migrated over 200,000 users to the Cloud and every Cloud project was different. We present the simplified roadmap below to give you an idea in terms of how your Cloud project might flow. Let’s chat today to create your own Cloud project roadmap that can quickly migrate you to the Cloud and bring you the ROI you are looking for!

Your Cloud Computing Experts

We invite you to utilize our expertise and experience to digitally transform your business through the Cloud! Let’s work together to move your organization forward with cost-effective, reliable and flexible Cloud Computing! Connect with us today.

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