What Is Email Pilot Migration?

ProServeIT offers a standard modular approach to adopting Office 365. Moving a pilot group of 50 users to Office 365 (i.e. move the first 50 mailboxes from your existing environment to the Cloud) ensures a rock solid foundation for all your future Cloud projects. After this pilot migration, you can choose to migrate the rest of the mailboxes on your own or have ProServeIT perform the migration.

What's Included?

– Migrate first 50 (pilot) mailboxes to Office 365
– Conduct rigorous testing
– Integrate on-premises email with Office 365
– Install and deploy Exchange 2016 hybrid server
– Setup Network & Co Existence
– Setup and configure Office 365 tenant
– Best practices for integrating identities

Email Pilot Migration Benefits

Cost Efficient

Modular approach allows for value spend

Enhanced Security

Built-in, integrated security

Single Sign-On

Increased Security and Convenience

Seamless Migration

Little to No Disruptions to Your Daily Operation