Cybersecurity Landscape & How to mitigate the risks

What is cybersecurity anyway? Watch this video to learn about the cybersecurity landscape in plain English, the first step you can take to get to know about your organization’s cybersecurity status, and what to be done.

I want to get a cybersecurity assessment done!

What is a Cybersecurity Assessment?

Many small to medium organizations don’t have a security footprint, and, in this day and age, a single event can signal disaster for the organization that’s not prepared. Have you considered the implications of not protecting your organization? Are you wondering how you can adopt best practices as a first line of defense? Interested in learning more about your cybersecurity requirements? If so, our Cybersecurity 101 Assessment is the right step.

Deliverables & Activities

• Provide a training session about cybersecurity and the reality of the threats facing businesses today.
• Conduct a review of the organization’s work habits and norms, with a security focus.Review of your Cloud environment (such as Office 365)
• Collect IT infrastructure information and complete a detailed data analysis of the information collected.
• Provide a clear understanding of identified vulnerabilities.
• Create a findings report, with Must Do, Should Do, and Could Do categories, to help you understand what your top priorities should be.

Benefits of the Cybersecurity Assessment

Learn the first steps to take in protecting your organization from cyberattacks

Understand the challenges that are
associated with operating in a digital era

Get an introductory, “101” overview
of your environment

Come away with a clear plan of what your priorities should be

Know which security tools are available and which best fit your requirements

Educate employees on the importance of cybersecurity initiatives