Azure Migration - Where Do I Start?

Step 1. Azure Assessment & Roadmap

To fully understand your environment and optimize your IT infrastructure, ProServeIT recommends running an Azure Assessment prior to migrating to Azure. It helps you determine if Azure is right for you.

Step 2. Azure Migration

Based on the assessment and roadmap, ProServeIT migrates your applications and services to the Microsoft Azure. Our experienced Azure team will integrate your server room with Azure using VPN, and move your first workloads to Azure.

Step 1. Azure Assessment & Roadmap

Even if you aren’t considering moving your entire infrastructure to Azure, an assessment can ensure you: 1) Understand all the dependencies within your current network; and 2) Uncover potential security risks, like shadow IP.

Benefits of Running an Azure Assessment

Get a detailed inventory

of all servers and virtual machines across your infrastructure

Visually map all dependencies

between nodes and applications within your infrastructure

Project running costs in Azure

that match optimal usage and needs

Assess current security risks

by learning exactly how your network communicates with itself and if outside connections pose a security threat

Determine migration readiness

by identifying potential roadblocks

Score applications by complexity

and explore which make sense to move to Azure now or later

Discover the less complex applications

that might make sense to migrate immediately and help you reduce spending with a hybrid solution

Azure Assessment Process

Learn about your business needs

including your existing infrastructure, operating systems, and any changes planned for your environment

Run the assessment in your environment

to report on system identification, performance and programs information, and network bandwidth

Perform a financial analysis

to accurately project your total cost of ownership (TCO) in the Cloud

Report possible migration scenarios

so that you can make the most informed decisions regarding your infrastructure

Azure Assessment Services & Pricing

Services Included

  • HealthCheck Tool configuration and deploy agents
  • Agents deployment and validation
  • HealthCheck summary data
  • Recommendation summary

Pricing for
10 - 30 Servers

$500 with funding*

Pricing for
40+ Servers

$1,000 with funding*

* Conditions apply. Limited time only.

Step 2. Azure Migration

Upon completion of the Azure assessment, if you’d like to go ahead and migrate to Azure, ProServeIIT will deploy Azure core services for you. Our Azure Migration offering includes 3 servers total with the following workloads: 1) Active Directory DC; 2) DFS Replicated Node; 3) Remote Desktop Services; and 4) Windows DNS Server. Our offer also includes VPN Networking integration and setup.


Azure Migration Benefits

Lower your TCO

With Azure’s flexible compute options, you pay as you go without a huge CapEx.

Easily scale

your Azure environment as your organization grows

Methodical, phased migration to Azure

based on best practices & practical industry experience

Security is our foremost concern

when migrating your workloads to Azure and managing your environment thereafter

Case Studies

lucidiaLucidia: Azure & Managed Services

Lucidia cost-efficiently migrated to Microsoft Azure by deploying the Azure Assessment toolset for each of the identified servers. ProServeIT’s Managed Services team provides on-going support for Lucidia’s end-users. 

BC farmerCanadian Dairy Industry: Azure

Azure was the best fit to meet the unique needs and requirements of the industry given that it could provide the scalability and multi-tenancy needed to ensure provincial data segregation and control.