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Stephanie never thought she’d end up in the IT industry, and yet, now that she’s in it, she wonders why she wasn’t in it all along! A graduate from Wilfrid Laurier University with a BA in English, Stephanie has held previous roles in Office Management, Foreign Direct Investment, and Business Development for nonprofit, public, and private sector organizations, before finding herself as ProServeIT’s Content Writer. Stephanie is fascinated with cybersecurity from an end-user perspective. After writing several blogs on the subject, and participating in a number of webinars, Stephanie joined ProServeIT’s Security Community, and lends her writing expertise to her colleagues regarding this particular topic on a regular basis. Outside of work, Stephanie is a published fiction author, enjoys playing sports (especially karate, golf, and skiing), and loves to travel.


A session by Stephanie :

Safe Computing & Best Practices for Your Nonprofit: What Do You, As an End-User, Need to Know? 

As an end-user, you may not always think about the security of your nonprofit organization as falling under your purview. Maybe you have an IT department that handles it for you. Or maybe you think that you’re not important enough to be targeted. But, the reality is, most of us don’t have a clue how our habits or behaviours can attract threat actors and make our organization a juicy target. Most of us don’t even know when we’ve been breached. What is phishing and what should you look out for? Do you know what the danger is of clicking unsafe links? Do you practice password management or are you using the same root password for every account? Are your social media accounts and/or habits opening the door for attacks? Join Stephanie as she uses some personal stories to illustrate the importance of cybersecurity from an end-user perspective.

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Anyone in fundraising, communications, marketing, or administration.