Keith Vivekananda, ProServeIT



Keith has spend 14 years in the IT sector, with 3 of those years at ProServeIT. He has always had a genuine love of technology and its limitless possibilities, especially with what it can do for humanity. This love for tech has led Keith to want to help customers to understand "the art of the possible" by taking their old processes and modernizing them. With particular expertise in Office 365, the Power platform of Power Apps, Power BI, and Power Automation and various collaboration tools, like SharePoint, Teams and Dynamics 356, Keith truly has a fascination with how technology can help improve the way people work together. When he's not making technology transparent, Keith enjoys playing and watching basketball - he's a spirited Raptors fan. 


A session by Keith:

Office 365 Collaboration: Way More than Just Sending Emails & Creating Spreadsheets!

Do you want to understand exactly how to use all those apps and services (such as Teams, SharePoint, OneNote, PowerApps, etc.) included in your Office 365 license? If so, this breakout session is for you! In this demo-based session, we’ll show you "the art of the possible" for how you can use Office 365 to its fullest. Including: 1) how SharePoint can help you save, share, and collaborate on documents; 2) how Teams can be used for instant messaging, calling, meetings, and collaborating as a team; and 3) how you can automate those mundane and repetitive tasks that take up so much of your day.

Recommended for:

Anyone working for nonprofits who'd like to fully utilize the apps & services included in their Office 365 license.