Brian Brennan, Max Potential


alfero-5A Certified Professional Accountant, CA, and Certified Management Consultant, Brian has years of experience in both public and private companies. Brian's extensive experience in leadership and management development, team development, strategic planning and execution, and effective communication has helped Brian to hone his coaching skills into something extraordinary. In addition to being President of Max Potential, Brian has also spent the last 10 years as Chair of TEC Canada, a peer advisory board for business leaders supported by one-to-one coaching, expert thought leadership, and global networking through its affiliate, Vistage Worldwide. His passion for helping others achieve success is evident in his commitment to understanding who people are.


A session by Brian:

Change Is Not an Event - It's an Everyday Reality!

Every organization out there has to face change. Growing teams, implementing new technology,  change in leadership - these things are all but inevitable in any nonprofit organization. So, how do you prepare your nonprofit for undergoing change? Especially when you consider that different people experience change in different ways, and some employees may not be as ready for change as others.


In this session, Brian will walk participants through how to successfully coach your team members through a major organizational change, so that you can help even the most reluctant employee to get on board and achieve your objectives. We'll talk about the psychology behind change management, personality styles and how each of them moves through the change journey, and cover coaching tactics to use to help everyone in your nonprofit to adapt to change.

Recommended for:

Executives, Senior Leadership, and Managers.