Alexia Maschowsky, Nova One Consulting



As a certified PMP, with a Bachelor of Economics from McGill University, and an MBA from the Rotman School of Management, Alexia Maschowsky is a multi-talented professional. With 15 years of experience in senior roles within Corporate Strategy, Change Management, Finance, Performance and Project Management across a variety of industries, Alexia has worked in both the private and public sector.

Alexia’s energetic, optimistic, and “leave no stone unturned” mindset makes her the ideal operational expert to assist founders & CEOs looking to complement their skillset. She founded Nova One consulting in 2015 to focus on her passion for helping businesses and employees reach their full potential. Alexia’s ability to understand the complex ecosystem of a company and identify simple, streamlined solutions helps both small and medium businesses to execute strategy and scale up efficiently, and she uses a knowledge-based approach to ensure that new solutions are properly implemented and fully adopted.

A session by Alexia:

System Thinking: Managing Work Differently to Create Impact with Limited Resources

As a nonprofit, you need to manage a lot of moving pieces, often juggling competing priorities such as obtaining funding and resources while simultaneously fulfilling your mission. Every dollar needs to be stretched to the max, creating a tangible impact and thereby justifying further funding from donors & funders.

Many management schools of thought don’t often take these considerations in mind – they tend to have rather linear thinking. It’s only when we realize that organizations and charities exist as “a system”, with important and complex dynamics to consider, that management can start to look at things differently. In this session, join Alexia as she digs deeper into the role of managers as part of this “system”. Through tangible advice on running both day-to-day workloads and special projects, Alexia will help you understand how to further your core mission and avoid common management pitfalls (checklist included).


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