#Empower2020, Virtual Conference for Nonprofits & Charities

Justin Spelhaug, Keynote Speaker



The nonprofit sector has an extraordinary opportunity to fight inequality, eliminate poverty, protect the planet, and drive massive impact. However, nonprofits grapple with digital disruption, security threats, and the demand from stakeholders for higher levels of impact and transparency—all of which can place undue strain on IT and drain critical resources from an organization’s ability to achieve its mission.

The Tech for Social Impact group within Microsoft Philanthropies aims to accelerate digital transformation across four million nonprofits globally, so they can have a greater impact on the world’s most critical social issues. They achieve this by bringing together the best of their Philanthropic work, technology and commercial ecosystem to holistically serve nonprofits.

As the leader for the Tech for Social Impact in Microsoft, Justin brings together 20 years of experience spanning commercial and social businesses. Prior to his current role, Justin served as the Chief Marketing & Operations Officer for Microsoft Asia Pacific, spending over 7 years of his career working across developed and emerging Asian markets. Justin also helped to launch the Unlimited Potential organization within Microsoft, with a focus on developing new and more affordable computing solutions to close the digital divide for lower income societies globally.

Justin started his career in the United States Marine Corps, earning numerous medals as part of his service. Justin’s hometown is Seattle, where he graduated from the University of Washington with honors.

Be Empowered to Change Your Organization’s Growth Trajectory from Linear to Exponential

There are four million charitable organizations working on the frontline of change right now. And most of them are racing the clock – there are so many people in need, but the ability to exponentially grow enough to help those people often seems quite challenging. To be able to provide these charitable organizations with the technology and the capability to predict the next Ebola outbreak, deliver aid and supplies where and when it needs to go, communicate and collaborate on a global scale, or further life-saving, important, or valuable missions, takes scale. 
At Microsoft Technology for Social Impact, Microsoft’s dedicated team has come up with four key ingredients to unlock the magic of scaling missions, and in this dynamic, empowering keynote session, Justin Spelhaug, Global Head of Technology for Social Impact, will share those key ingredients with you!
Join us as we listen to Justin’s powerful words, encouraging us to work together to create the change that we want to see in the world. From his experiences in Kakuma, Kenya, the site of a UNHCR refugee camp to a brief story of Compassion International’s exponential growth using AI technology, you can hear Justin’s plea for organizations large and small to marry philanthropy with corporate social responsibility and build social impact into the DNA of all organizations.