Achieve Business Value Quickly with a Copilot for Microsoft 365 Pilot Launch 

This Copilot for Microsoft 365 pilot launch offer will help you to swiftly unlock value through AI, leveraging insights from the early access program, and extending the benefits to broader user groups.
Price: $15,000 USD 
Duration: 2 weeks
Designed for: Organizations looking to attain value quickly with a Copilot pilot launch of approximately 10 users.
Download the one-pager for more details.

If you are a SMB (with less than 75 employees) download this Copilot for Microsoft 365 Pilot Launch one-pager for more details.
Price: $6,700 USD 
Duration: 2 weeks
Designed for: SMBs (with less than 75 employees) who'd like to get to value quickly with a Copilot pilot launch of approx. 5 users.

How Our Copilot Rapid Launch Works

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Step 1: Pick Your Copilot Team

The first step is to identify your Copilot team (a group of about 5-10 users) for the Copilot pilot launch.

Select a cohort of approximately 5-10 employees (your ideal candidates for using Copilot) and pinpoint the specific use case for your Copilot pilot initiative from the following suggested groups: Sales, HR, or Executives.

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Step 2: Define Success with Copilot

Set success benchmarks and expected outcomes for your Copilot launch.

Establish the benchmarks for success and the expected outcomes for your rapid launch with Copilot. We suggest outlining both short-term (2-week) and long-term (2-month) goals for this project.

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Step 3: Review Data Governance & Security

Conduct a comprehensive governance and security assessment.

Perform a thorough security and governance assessment to align with the chosen Copilot use case and pinpoint any potential risks and necessary policies.


Step 4: Assign Copilot Licenses

Our Copilot experts will assist in assigning the necessary Copilot licenses. 

Count on our dedicated Copilot experts to guide you through the process of obtaining and assigning Copilot licenses and tenant configuration.


Step 5: Training & Adoption Workshops

Deliver two 1-hour training sessions for the chosen Copilot users.

Conduct two 1-hour training sessions for the selected group of Copilot users. The first workshop will provide an overview and demo of Copilot, while the second workshop will focus on answering any questions regarding the AI platform.

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Step 6: Evaluation & Next Steps

Evaluate the results and decide on the next steps for expanding Copilot in your organization.

Assess the outcomes and responses from the rapid launch of Copilot, and determine the subsequent actions for enhancing or tailoring Copilot to suit your organization's needs.

Workshop Deliverables

Two 1-hour virtual training sessions for a group of approximately 10 Copilot users.

 Security & data governance recommendations.

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Identification of recommended next steps for AI success.