Eradicate Information Silos & Increase Lead Generation with Dynamics 365

With its ability to connect people, data, and processes throughout an organization, Dynamics 365 drives efficiency, reduces costs, and fosters innovation among teams, ultimately creating a hyperconnected business that can adapt quickly to change.

Leverage the power of AI to elevate customer experiences and optimize business operations within Microsoft Dynamics 365. 

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Connect Your Entire Business with Dynamics 365 Applications

From Sales to Customer Services to Ops, Finance, and Marketing, each piece of the puzzle must work together in harmony to help present a holistic and cohesive view of your organization.

Dynamics 365 CRM works to connect all these channels, breaking down information silos to provide seamless support across the breadth of your business.  This empowers you to provide the best customer experience for your existing and prospective customers. 


Customer Service

Dynamics 365 allows businesses to reimagine their customer service by personalizing service experiences, elevating employee effectiveness, and optimizing service operations.


Dynamics 365 can help businesses build finance and operational agility by enabling them to adapt faster, work smarter through driving efficiencies and ultimately drive better performance with automation.

Supply Chain

Dynamics 365's digital supply chain solution can help businesses adapt and thrive by maximizing asset performance, transforming manufacturing operations, and meeting growing digital commerce needs.


Sales & Marketing

Dynamics 365 can drive more revenue by connecting sales & marketing, offering increased visibility into customer needs, faster lead generation, improved deal closure rates, and streamlined processes with coaching opportunities.

Migrating your organization to Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Take a look at the stories below of a few ProServeIT customers who made the fantastic move to Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Firearms Safety Education Service of Ontario (FSESO): Integration and Productivity Enhancement with Dynamics CRM Online and Microsoft 365 


While FSESO had initially created Microsoft Access-based archival applications, they faced a disjointed data flow. This led to the necessity of developing a robust core application that could seamlessly integrate with third-party applications and services. 

To address this, ProServeIT suggested a redesign and implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online as their central business application, thereby managing all student and instructor-related processes and data. The FSESO website underwent an upgrade to enable secure backend integration with Dynamics CRM Online. As an additional measure to boost productivity, we proposed that all employees use Microsoft 365.

In a step towards digital transformation, we further advised that all business and productivity applications undertake a cloud migration to become cloud-based applications. This move aimed to free the team from location constraints and facilitate integrated CRM system workflows.

Denver Dumb Friends League: Enabling Efficiency and Scalability with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central 


DDFL partnered with ProServeIT to deploy Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, a flexible comprehensive solution that unifies financial, sales, service, and operational systems and processes. This solution allowed DDFL to connect with third party applications like payroll, banking, CRM, or industry-specific systems. Key drivers for this project were:

•  Data Migration - Going paperless, digitizing and modernizing workflows.

•  Streamlining Processes - Enhancing efficiency of key financial processes and functions

•  Strategic Roadmap Alignment - Integrating and scaling with growth of the organization while aligning to the strategic roadmap.

•  Business Information and Support – Enabling better decision making by leveraging robust reporting and analytics.  

Modern Solutions That Fit Your Entire Organization

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Dynamics 365 CRM enables businesses to collect specific information about accounts and opportunities from various sources, manually input data, and visualize findings through dashboards and contextual charts for quicker insights.

Key benefits of using Dynamics 365 CRM include:

  More intelligent processes (predictive guidance)

  A 360-degree customer view

  Holistic opportunity tracking

  Insightful analytics

Additionally, Dynamics 365 CRM allows for innovation of new business models and automation of processes, while its integration with Office 365 platform provides predictive intelligence for identifying potential prospects.

ProServeIT will work with you to implement a sales-ready Dynamics 365 CRM system in the most efficient way possible.


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