By Stephanie Baskerville on May 01, 2019

ProServeIT Corporation’s Renewed Emphasis On Data and Analytics Support


Mississauga, ON, Canada — May 1, 2019 — Many organizations are looking for new technology that will help them consolidate their data and provide a single source of truth for their tracking and reporting needs. ProServeIT Corporation (ProServeIT) is pleased to announce that we will be placing a renewed emphasis on data and analytics for current and prospective customers who are looking for additional support in this area.

“A typical organization is most likely pulling their data from multiple sources to create their various reports, but those sources don’t often talk to each other from a reporting perspective, so it can be very difficult to get meaningful reports that can be used to make critical business decisions,” says Scott Sugar, Practice Lead, Data & Analytics at ProServeIT. “However, once you can centralize that data into one single source of truth, you’re able to take advantage of a tool like Power BI to visualize that data into meaningful reports that you can act on.”

Sugar and his team of in-house Data & Analytics specialists are able to walk customers through the process of data consolidation, centralization, and extraction, then building out the necessary reporting & visualization. And, over the past few years, Sugar and his team have provided ProServeIT’s customers with relevant data consolidation and analytics reporting, following industry best practices and focusing on the company’s specific needs and requirements.

“It’s all about helping the organization to tell their individual story,” Sugar says. “But what many organization’s don’t understand is that the reporting and visualization isn’t the first step in their journey – it’s actually the last. Our team helps our customers to understand the various stages of a data analytics solution and what’s involved.”

ProServeIT’s renewed emphasis on data and analytics support includes providing a growing repository of blogs and webinars, as well as two new Power BI offers for customers.

“Our Power BI Discovery Session for mid-level management and executives can help organizations to understand the capabilities of Power BI, how it can be used, and how the organization can take advantage of the benefits of a business intelligence suite of products,” says Sugar. “This is followed up by an implementation and build-out offer, which will provide the organization with real-time visibility into their data, and fully customized reporting that focuses on the KPIs and metrics that are of most concern to the organization.”

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As a multi-award-winning Microsoft Gold Partner, ProServeIT Corporation has been helping organizations of all sizes increase their efficiency, eliminate their “IT debt” and apply a security lens to everything they do. ProServeIT understands that every organization has unique needs and challenges and we work with our customers to understand the culture of their organization, who their customers are, and what’s most important to them as a company.

Established in 2002, ProServeIT was one of the first Canadian Microsoft Partners to spearhead the adoption of Cloud computing. To provide consistent 24×7 customer service, ProServeIT is headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, with offices in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Vancouver, British Columbia, Paris, France, and Ho Chi Minh City in southern Vietnam.


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Published by Stephanie Baskerville May 1, 2019