By ProServeIT on January 08, 2024

ProServeIT Achieves B Corp Certification!

ProServeIT is proud to announce our recent accreditation as a Certified B Corporation. This certification comes after a thorough impact analysis, which evaluates companies based on their commitment to social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

The rigorous certification process acknowledges for-profit companies that harness the power of business to create positive change, adhering to rigorous standards for social and environmental performance. Conducted by B Lab, a global nonprofit organization, the B Corp certification evaluates and enhances the positive impact for-profit companies make in five key areas: governance, workforce, community, environment, and customers.

“I’m thrilled that ProServeIT has solidified its status as a Certified B Corporation. As technology consultants, our mission is to assist organizations in unlocking their digital future. We’re dedicated to using technology to improve the world, a commitment we’ve upheld for over two decades,” shared Eric Sugar, President.


Leading a Global Movement in Technology

As a technology-sector B Corp certified business, ProServeIT is at the forefront of a worldwide movement advocating for an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economic model. ProServeIT upholds the idea that a tech strategy should integrate with a company's overall business approach. In a world increasingly reliant on technology, where consumer expectations are high, every company must embrace tech to succeed and grow, especially in the era of AI. In this AI-centric age, ProServeIT is deeply devoted to utilizing technology for good, aiding organizations to do likewise while safeguarding sensitive data.

“Becoming a Certified B Corporation isn’t about reaching perfection; it’s about contributing to a change in economic systems,” noted Mihae Ahn, Vice President of Marketing. “Our B Corp designation is proof of our commitment to sustainable practices and ongoing consideration of our impact on our workforce, community, and the environment.”

Part of a Global Community Making a Difference

The B Corp community, with over 8,000 members, is reshaping the global economy for the benefit of people, communities, and the planet. ProServeIT is proud to be a key player in this global network committed to societal and environmental betterment. This certification reaffirms ProServeIT’s dedication to making a positive, meaningful impact.


About ProServeIT Corporation


Established in 2002, ProServeIT Corporation was among the trailblazers as a Canadian Microsoft Partner  in embracing Cloud computing. As a modern IT specialist and reliable technology consultant, ProServeIT continues to aid organizations across diverse sectors in unlocking their digital future and turning technology into a bona fide business facilitator. ProServeIT is headquartered in Oakville, Ontario, with branches in Prince Edward Island (Canada), Illinois (United States), New Mexico (United States), Paris (France), and Ho Chi Minh City in southern Vietnam. ProServeIT is a people-centric organization, and its team members strive to embody its three core values daily: People Matter; Be Like Gumby; Do It Right. Your success matters to us. Collaborate with ProServeIT and unlock your organization’s digital future.

Published by ProServeIT January 8, 2024