By Stephanie Baskerville on October 25, 2016

Email hosting services: is it the right decision for you?

Our previous blogs reviewed some basic information about how email hosting services can be right for your business. We’ve discussed that Cloud email can bring both the cost savings and productivity increases.

How can you confidently determine that your company will be a good candidate for making the jump to the Cloud and enjoy the benefits of email hosting services? Sufficient planning will help ensure that the move is as successful as possible. The first thing you should do is to examine your current email system and how your employees use it.

The five rings you can use to make the cloud email decision

One of the best ways to do this research involves looking at five specific areas:

  • What are your user’s expectations?
  • What are your integration requirements for your email system as a whole?
  • Will you require some technology replacement and, if so, what costs would you be facing?
  • What kind of security will you require?
  • What kind of IT capabilities will be needed in conjunction with migrating to the Cloud

All five of these areas are interconnected, as the following diagram shows. By looking at how these five areas fit within your current email environment and understanding the relationships that these areas have with each other, you can come to a definitive conclusion whether immediately adopting email hosting services will truly benefit your company. The following questions can be served as guidelines:

1. User expectations

Do your users have specific expectations that need to be met?

  • Do they have specific needs for additional email functionality that are not provided by the current system? If so, what are these?
  • Can your users be quickly retrained on any new Cloud environment to avoid too much down time?
  • Will your users continue to have access to email from the original system, if needed?
  • What kind of account and message security will be required? Are there security issues with your current system that a Cloud environment might mitigate?

2. Integration Requirements

Custom applications with email integration require additional development effort.

  • Do you have custom and off-the-shelf applications that use email services?

What, if any, modifications would need to be made to those applications to ensure seamless Cloud email access?

3. Technology replacement

Make the decision for Cloud email hosting services in the context of the existing email system.

  • Does your current system meet all of your business’s current email and other application needs?
  • Are your current system technology and service viable? For example, are they functioning with working hardware, supported operating system and supported applications? Are they under a current service repair contract?
  • How much will it cost you to replace even a portion of the existing on-premises system? Is that cost within your planned budget?
  • Is your existing system at or close to end-of-life status?

4. Security

Could your business require the encryption of email at rest or extensive archiving due to:

  • Corporate policies;
  • Potential defence in a legal investigation;
  • Government or industry regulations?

5. IT capabilities

Enterprises that are struggling to maintain their email infrastructure can definitely benefit from Cloud email. Consider the following:

  • Do you need a Tech staff support to support an email environment (thus involving salaries, benefits, etc.)?
  • What would be the ramifications to your business if there was an unplanned interruption of service when dedicated staff are not available?

As the infrastructure of a Cloud email service hosting is provided by a trusted third-party organization, such as Microsoft, the infrastructure and its support are handled by the company on a 24/7 basis with defined service level agreements (SLAs).

questions to ask to make cloud email decision-1

ProServeIT can help you make your email hosting services decision

ProServeIT has been a ground breaker in helping many companies make the decision to adopt an email in the Cloud environment by helping them evaluate their current solution based on the five rings discussed in this blog. We can go through the questions with you to help you make the right decision around email hosting services. Contact us to learn more about the specific benefits of moving your email to the Cloud!

Published by Stephanie Baskerville October 25, 2016