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Microsoft Phone System & Calling Plans

Reduce costs and lower maintenance requirements with Microsoft Phone System!

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This webinar is to help you understand Microsoft Phone System and Calling Plans from an end-user perspective. During the webinar, we will go over calling plan options, the tools used, and the benefits of Phone System. 

Learn about the process of using and adopting Microsoft Calling Plans for Office 365. The webinar will also include transferring a live call from desktop to mobile in real-time. 

Download our eGuide to see more helpful tips when using & adopting Microsoft Phone System and Calling Plans!

Calling Plans work with Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business, plus you can easily transfer your phone numbers over!


Calling Plan

Phone System

What are the benefits of Microsoft Calling Plans?

Lower your costs significantly 

With Microsoft Calling Plans, you'll have no need to purchase on-premise equipment.

Lower your maintenance requirements 

Take Your Number with You 

Whether it rings to PC, handset or mobile device, your number travels with you wherever you go.  

No need for a traditional handset

Microsoft Calling Plans removes the need for yearly support contracts to maintain your phone system. 

Microsoft Phone System eliminates the need to purchase traditional handsets.

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