Azure Site Recovery / Backup:A Key Disaster Recovery Solution

It’s no secret that businesses today are increasingly dependent on technology, yet today’s environments are becoming increasingly difficult to protect. Disasters come in many forms but generally fall into three main event categories: operational failure (including power failures, IT hardware failures), natural disasters (like floods or fires), and human-caused events (including malicious activities).  These disasters can cripple an organization, regardless of the organization’s size – which means that small to midsize businesses are just as much at risk as large multi-national corporations.

Multiple disaster recovery solutions are often required to address the broad array of environments and applications, but a key solution that should be considered by every organization is Microsoft Azure Site Recovery (ASR). With ASR, you can proactively protect your organization’s environment and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your environment is fully protected.  The Azure Backup service will keep your organization’s data safe and recoverable, and Site Recovery replicates, fails over and recovers workloads so that they can remain available to your organization when a failure occurs.

Disaster Recovery Plan is a Necessity for Every Organization

Ways that ASR can help your organization survive, in the event of a disaster:

Test Your Disaster Recovery Options Before There’s Actually a Need

Azure Site Recovery offers your organization the opportunity to test your disaster recovery plans whenever you want, and running these disaster recovery drills will not have an impact on your primary systems. The opportunity to run these test failovers without affecting your production environments will give your employees the confidence.

Orchestrated Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Azure Site Recovery can automate the recovery of services when a site outage happens at the primary datacenter. Your organization can bring over applications in an orchestrated way to help restore your services quickly, even if you have complex multi-tier workloads. You can also easily create disaster recovery plans in the Microsoft Azure classic portal.

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Your Data Is Always Being Backed Up Through Continuous Replication

Azure Site Recovery will provide your organization with replication frequency as low as 30 seconds for Hyper-V, and continuous replication for VMware. That means that your data is being backed up every 30 seconds or less. In the event of a disaster, Azure Site Recovery will have all your data up to the last backup, meaning your Recovery Point Objective and Recovery Time Objective can be measured in seconds and minutes instead of days and weeks.

Azure Site Recovery Webinar - What is Disaster Recovery

This video is part of a webinar which includes a live demo of Azure Site Recovery. Click here to watch the entire webinar.

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Your Trusted DRaaS Partner

Having a fully-managed, turnkey DRaaS program can be your organization’s best solution to being prepared for a disaster or failure of any kind. ProServeIT is here to help you explore your own DRaaS options. Don’t let your organization be crippled by a disaster or failure - contact us today to begin!

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