Azure Virtual Workshop: Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF)

Prepare your Cloud environments using Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure.

time  Duration: 8 hours    tarjetRecommended Audience: IT Professionals & IT Decision-Makers

In this virtual event, we'll cover the overview of the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure with a focus on helping customers prepare their Cloud environments using Azure Landing Zones that serve as a foundation for customers’ identity, security, networking, operations and governance needs. The sessions will also cover governance principles and operational best practices as described in the Cloud Adoption Framework. During the second half of the day, customers will get hands on experience on some of these concepts.​

Once you complete this event, you will have the necessary knowledge to prepare your Cloud environments in alignment with the key design areas of the Azure Landing Zones and your organization’s identify, security, networking, operations and governance needs. ​

Here’s what you can expect:

30 min Cloud Adoption Framework Overview

60 min Unlock Cloud adoption using Azure landing zones 

45 min Establish Cloud governance using the Cloud Adoption Framework

45 min Manage your Cloud operations to achieve business value

15 min Introducing Hands-on-Lab (HOL) process. 

30 min Azure Blueprints lab. Start small and expand your landing zone by implementing Azure Blueprints and developing a management baseline. 
45 min Governance lab. Create a governance MVP by setting up management groups, resource groups, cost management, and RBAC. 
60 min Enterprise scale landing zones lab. Deploy the Enterprise scale landing zone reference implementation with subscriptions democratization and Azure Policy guardrails.  

30 min Next steps & how to get started


Bill Kastner PSIT

Bill Kastner
Solutions Architect, ProServeIT