Is your business prepared for Microsoft Copilot?

Experience a quantum leap in effectiveness and creativity for your organization through Microsoft Copilot, which seamlessly integrates AI-powered assistance into your workflows, thereby enhancing productivity by providing real-time suggestions and streamlining complex tasks.

Partner with us for your AI implementation and a journey that prioritizes compliance and security.

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What is Microsoft Copilot and how can it help my organization? 

Get ready to revolutionize your productivity with Microsoft Copilot, an innovative AI suite that merges cutting-edge language models with your data, making it your ultimate AI co-pilot. With seamless empowerment, Copilot effortlessly handles daily tasks within the familiar Microsoft 365 suite - PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Teams, and Outlook - while also seamlessly integrating into other vital solutions such as Dynamics 365. 

This cutting-edge AI-powered productivity suite is designed to:

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Generate Customer Insights
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Accelerate Content Creation
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Automate Tasks with Brilliance
Save Valuable Time

Embrace this transformative partnership with Microsoft Copilot and witness your productivity soar to new heights. Experience the art of productivity in a seamless union of large language models (LLMs) and your data, propelling you towards a future of limitless potential. 

Are you ready to soar to new heights of productivity? Get started with Microsoft Copilot.

Is Your Organization AI Ready?


Share of people who say they struggle with having the time and energy to do their job.


Amount by which time spend in Microsoft Teams meetings and calls has increased per week since February 2020.


Share of people who would delegate as much as possible to AI to lessen their workloads.


Likelihood of a leader to say AI will provide value by boosting productivity vs. cutting headcount.

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Data is the Key to Copilot's Brilliance - Is Your Data Prepared?

The magic behind Microsoft Copilot lies in its extraordinary ability to grasp your natural language, while having access to the data you work with, without you lifting a finger to find it. Picture an assistant that understands you better than anyone else, seamlessly navigating through your data universe. 

Designed to harness the same data you have access to, Copilot's potential knows no bounds. Yet, not all organizations have a rock-solid classification system for their data, leading to a thrilling challenge. The distinction between public, internal, personal, and private data can be a blurry maze. Users might even inadvertently misclassify their content, making the classification system a risky endeavor. And what if data ends up being shared more widely than intended? 

The stakes are high, for wrongly classified or overshared data might sneak its way into Copilot's user context. Brace yourself, as the worst-case scenario won't happen due to Copilot's privacy features and our expertise in classifying data. A mystery awaits, as Copilot embarks on a quest through your data universe, ready to be your ultimate assistant - are you prepared for the adventure? Start your journey with a Microsoft Copilot AI Assessment.

Ready to Embrace Microsoft Copilot?

Let our expertise get your data in prime shape and get started with the Microsoft Copilot AI Assessment!

Embark on a Journey to AI with ProServeIT - Your Trusted Microsoft Cloud Solutions Partner! 

Get ready to unleash the full potential of Microsoft Copilot with our cutting-edge Copilot AI Assessment. As your organization gears up for this transformative AI adventure, we've got your back in conquering the following challenges: 

Safeguarding Sensitive Data

Rest assured, private, personal, and confidential data will never appear in Copilot's responses, securing your organization's information like never before. 

Spotting Misclassified Data

Our solution identifies wrongly classified data, guiding it towards re-classification, ensuring accuracy and reliability every step of the way. 

Fortifying Data Access

With us by your side, access to sensitive data remains strictly restricted, providing you with the utmost peace of mind. 

Steering Clear of Oversharing

Say goodbye to oversharing confidential data as we steer your organization towards responsible data usage.


Unlock the true potential of your Microsoft 365 E3 or E5 information classifications tools as we put them to proper use, paving the way for seamless Copilot deployment when it becomes available for your organization. But that's not all - our Copilot AI Assessment serves as tangible proof that your data is fortified against unauthorized access while reveling in the wonders of AI tools. Embrace the future with confidence, guided by ProServeIT, your partner in Copilot AI excellence!

What is the Microsoft Copilot AI Assessment? 

With expert guidance from ProServeIT, you will learn how to set up your environment and permissions to safely use Microsoft Copilot’s AI-assisted applications across Microsoft solution areas including modern work, security, Azure, business applications, and data analytics.

New and upcoming Microsoft Copilot products will assist employees from within their flow of work and through familiar interfaces like Microsoft 365 (Outlook, Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, SharePoint and Windows). Other Microsoft solutions that will include AI assistance include Microsoft Viva and Dynamics 365 with modules for finance, operations, customer service, sales, and more. IT staff will be able to take advantage of behind-the-scenes tools to streamline operations in security and Azure.

What you will get from this AI assessment:

approval icon Identify the critical gaps in your current technology environment.

approval icon Understand the investment requirements.

approval icon Learn about licensing options.

approval icon Gain visibility into industry best practices for good content management.

approval icon You will receive: a summary of the assessment findings, recommendations on how to level up, an outline of the estimated costs and ROI, a Microsoft Copilot AI roadmap, estimated capital and operating expenses.

With our guidance and Microsoft’s comprehensive AI tools, we can help you achieve favourable outcomes including: productivity gains, improved security and data permissions, simplified modern IT infrastructure, AI tools integrated seamlessly in the flow of work and cost efficiency.

Price will depend on the complexity and scope of your assessment.

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Experience the transformative potential of next-generation AI in the workplace with Microsoft 365 Copilot. Say goodbye to business as usual – Copilot isn't just an upgrade in tasks; it's a whole new way of working that will redefine your productivity.working-with-copilot-ai-01-01

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